He wondered, “What if I could quit cigarettes right now”

"Stop Smoking King" - Freedom 4U Starts Now!


Ending any addiction seems impossible if you’re “down in it.” The beauty is you can look back one day and see what you overcame. Some of us beat all odds to stay alive, and some of us look back, realize, and then go on to thrive. Once upon a time there was a man who smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, and he even smoked when he was taking a shower. You can’t make this up. He was selling home purification systems to people so if they had allergies or asthma, they could clean the air, carpet and wood floors of their homes with this amazing machine called a Rainbow. It was rather ironic that he sold these systems even though he was a smoker. People didn’t care. When they saw the demo, they bought the rainbow. One day, he was offered, for free, to learn an organic way…

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