Avoiding Disease “Shedders” – – Popular pharmaceutical “Stelara” warns you to stay away from recently vaccinated people – Don’t you wonder why?

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Stelara drug manufacturers warn users to avoid people recently vaccinated for POLIO or INFLUENZA because the chemical-made pharmaceutical can compromise your immunity and people who have been recently vaccinated against disease (carry and can) “shed” that live virus that is inside of them to the Stelara drug taker during the first few weeks following their vaccination. This is not some simple side effect or rare case either. This is very serious. Consider the implications. Keep reading.

Even if you rarely ever watch television, you’ve seen or heard some of the idiot-brewing commercials by Big Pharma drugs that seem to address every problem in the world, but create every other problem with crazy side effects. You could be in your kitchen and still hear the insane list of side effects during the Stelara commercial recently aired on major network televisions across the land. Commercials are louder so you can hear them from afar, and if you listen to the Stelara drug commercial, they tell you that “Live vaccines such as the polio and flu vaccine may interact with Stelara.” This my friends, is far more than a warning or some “side effect” someone else encountered, sued them for, and won. Think about this for a second. Stelara is an injection used to treat plaque psoriasis, but side effects include Stelara weakening your body’s ability to fight infections, and there is a risk of “severe” stomach pain and blood in your urine. What do you believe is happening to the bodies that are injected with this serum, and then subjected to OTHER people, like friends and family members, who have RECENTLY been injected with measles vaccine, chicken pox or even the FLU SHOT? These recently vaccinated humans are also called “shedders” because during the first few weeks, the virus is ALIVE inside their muscle tissue and blood, and if they cough, sneeze or share your drink after you took your Stelara, guess what? You see, formaldehyde is used in vaccines to WEAKEN the virus, and while one’s antibodies are supposed to be in emergency mode, shocked into action by the injection of genetically modified bacteria with viruses like measles, mumps, polio, swine flu, chicken pox and influenza, mixed with MSG, aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde, – – while all that is occurring, the live virus is feeding itself and multiplying.



“Live vaccines such as the polio and flu vaccine may interact with Stelara”

The “recommended dosage” of Stelara is either 45 mg or 90 mg given on the first day, then four weeks later again, and every twelve weeks (once a season) after that. Then they tell you that if you’re pregnant, only take Stelara “if clearly needed” and to “exercise caution” if you are breastfeeding. So what then, look to see if your baby is foaming at the mouth or peeing blood? How does one “exercise caution” with Stelara? Ask every person in every room everywhere you go if they’ve received ANY kind of vaccine or flu shot in the last two weeks, and tell them that you’re just asking because your baby is breastfeeding and you just took your Stelara inoculation and you and your baby may be very susceptible to catching whatever it is they were recently injected with, which is supposedly 100% safe and effective at preventing. Be sure to ask all people everywhere and clarify, so that if your child dies from an infectious disease someone around him/her was injected with, you can tell the vaccine court that you “exercised caution,” just like the good people at Stelara told you to on the commercial and printed (vaccine) insert.

The vaccine industry would have you believe that when you get any injection, your are immediately immune to that disease. This is a flat out lie. Stelara, also known as “Ustekinumab” warns you repeatedly on their website:

This is a summary and does NOT have all possible information about this product. This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you.”



They also tell you that “Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.” Great – define “many” please. That could also mean that many DO HAVE serious side effects, if the definition of many is “more than a few.” Oh, but there’s more! Stelara may cause a rare and SOMETIMES FATAL “condition” called RPLS, which stands for reversible posterior leuko-encephalopathy syndrome. Shortly after that comes the warning about seizures and confusion. Remember, the problem being addressed with all this is a SKIN CONDITION. The child is now having seizures, blood in the urine and is highly susceptible to infectious disease from all those vaccinated people around him/her, is suffering from confusion and probably auto-immune disorder. But still, discuss the “benefits of treatment with your doctor.” Did we forget to mention unexplained weight loss? If it’s a side effect of a dangerous medication, then its not really “unexplained” is it?

Remember what was just covered here. Stelara may cause a rare and sometimes fatal condition. This is supposed to be medicine. Imagine if some herbalist was selling food to all the doctors that covered up some symptoms of psoriasis but sometimes caused a fatal condition – – the FDA would jump in immediately and shut the whole business down, yet people still consider taking the medications they hear about on TV. This is probably YOU right now, and not because you’re not smart, but because you fell for a huge scam.

Get this straight now. Investigative Journalists and Reporters for Natural News are looking out for your best interest. The website NaturalNews.com was founded to help people seek out their own health freedom. If you ARE one of the millions of people who is knowingly accepting the chances of horrific side effects with some medication created to cover up pain temporarily as the trade off, think again. Call a naturopathic physician and start asking questions from this article. Call a nutritionist and ask them a few more questions about this article. Why do you think this article was written? Your own education about your own body is paramount, and nobody knows better about how you feel than you do. How do you feel right now?

By tracking Natural Health News from around the world, it’s getting easier to seek out the best advice and filter out the pharma trolls.






Want to “fix” your psoriasis and arthritis? Stop ingesting common poisons found in your food, drinks, water, medicine, candy, gum, cosmetics, lotions, hairspray, soap, toothpaste and more. Find out from the “Don’t Eat Cancer” world how, when you eliminate chemicals posing as food from your daily intake, many health problems just dissipate and go away. Arthritis is catapulted by inflammation, and GMO is pesticide food that causes inflammation. I bet you didn’t know that. Stelara is a lab-made drug and not something that grows in nature. It is NOT NATURAL. It certainly isn’t organic. What is it – do you even know, or do you just want your “pain to go away?” Are you constantly itching, or do your joints constantly hurt? Which is it, because doctors are cross-prescribing drugs that don’t even address your problems, much less cure them. MDs are slinging prescriptions like crack cocaine dealers on the metro street corners. They can’t be sued because Big Pharma protects them, that’s why Big Pharma lists all the insane side-effects – – so they can tell you “I told you so.” Get it?


Many MDs who learn the truth about what they’re “slinging” will switch to Naturopathy because they feel guilty and ethically impure just prescribing and off-prescribing and “forgetting” to inform their patients of all the insane side effect these commercialized lab-made drugs recklessly wield. However, the reason many MDs won’t and don’t switch to Naturopathy is because, many times, they will go from making $300k to $450k per year down to $100k or maybe $150k as a Naturopathic Physician. They won’t get all those “spiffs” from Big Pharma either, like front row seats at the pro baseball game, or that cruise vacation all expenses paid. They won’t get that timeshare condo and they won’t get cash under the table. So, in turn, if these MDs already live an extravagant lifestyle and they’re in debt up to their eyeballs, then sometimes they feel they CAN’T switch over to the real health world, where nutrition is key and chemical medicines go out the window into the dumpster. MDs that have a three-story house in the suburbs of some metropolitan city, a swimming pool, three fancy cars, two jet skis and a second home, well, they’re just gonna keep on slingin’ that Stelara crack, cause it’s keeps them afloat. But the guilt can weigh in quite heavy, and that’s why you see some suicide cases where MDs and dentists alike just can’t handle the unhappiness of knowing they’re not helping people with these Big Pharma drugs, chemo, radiation and the like.

Big Pharma’s ultimate goal: Get rid of a few symptoms and create many new and more serious problems

In conclusion, remember that all they claim to be doing is saving you from the SYMPTOMS of psoriasis or arthritis. Plus, the random schedule for medicating with Stelara doesn’t even make sense, it’s just to give the impression they’ve figured something out and that the drug might save you from the symptoms of psoriasis or arthritis. Just take a look for yourself at the links provided in this article. Most skin conditions, rashes, allergies and reactions originate from toxic food consumption, toxic personal care products put on the skin, and a toxic environment around the “victim.” Be sure to tell your Naturopathic Physician if you feel you are being “suicided” by Big Pharma and that you desire a way to live without these dangerous chemicals that have not been tested for safety and have worse side effects than the condition be treated, as they admit on the insert. Stelara warns you on their website, “This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you.” Maybe that’s because the FDA, the CDC and the AMA know that it’s not and they don’t care. Fast-track drug approval by the FDA is all about the money, and one thing Big Pharma does have is money.

Your Ultimate Goal


We all want to learn and grow every day. By studying what’s going into your body on a regular basis, you can make distinctions between that which is from this earth, meaning organic and pure, and that which is manmade, mixed with chemicals and things that were never meant to be ingested, injected, applied or infused (GMO). Remember one thing for the rest of your life, if it’s not organic, you shouldn’t be eating it, drinking it or putting it on your skin. Sure, you’ll have certain times when that’s next to impossible, but for the most part, you can do it. Your body has a phenomenal built-in filtering system so it can handle a few toxins here and there, but you simply cannot bombard your system over and over, day after day, with these conventional and GMO toxins so popular today. This is public information and well researched. As a health investigator and journalist, the Natural News Tracker is looking out for everyone possible as often as possible and in the most practical ways. Keep tuning in, learning and seeking out your own ideal health. That, my friends, is the ultimate goal. Then you can share what you know and what you experience, and make the world a better place. Say no to chemical drugs and yes to organic. Here’s a start.

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