What is this Jade Helm about and what will be its consequence once it is implemented?

jade helm epic fail (2)

According to Natural News, here is a quote from the Daily Mail regarding the Jade Helm 15 military drills about to occur this summer in a handful of “hostile” US Southwest States:

“Reportedly, the scenario for the exercise from July to September is that US special forces – posing as civilians – are sent into an enemy country and have to work with rebel underground fighters there.”

So how does this ominous, auspicious, insidious plan to practice martial law in US cities, towns and on farms play out in the health world? It plays out big time. That’s how. Think about this. If the Government has to hoodwink the public every time they introduce something new that’s toxic or dangerous for us, but makes them money and gives them more control, then of course everything you see advertised by major corporations is smoke and mirrors too.

There’s always a “bigger picture” to consider, so Jade Helm is kind of like GMOs. Stay with me here. GMOs are unlabeled in America right now. Pesticide-laden food has NO warning label and looks just like the other food around it. It blends in. One of health enthusiasts’ biggest concerns today is food safety. We want to know when GMOs are even possibly in our food and we filter whenever possible. We know its health detriment. We scream for labeling laws and rights. Same goes for the military. We want to know if they are trying to control local governments.

That’s the Sheriff’s job, to protect the county, and the citizens. The feds have no right and the military has no right to walk around toting weapons, with or without bullets, and wearing fatigue pants and a regular t-shirt and acting suspicious in towns, on farms, in metropolitan cities – this is worse than martial law because these special forces and Navy SEALs are supposed to act like some wartime stuff is going on, sneaking around the borders of people’s property, picking up “supply” packages, maybe at all the CLOSED WALMARTS and even practicing “detaining” citizens in re-education camps, which is very close to what the Nazis and the SS practiced right before and during WWII.

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Here are ten relevant examples which the media is now reporting as facts but were derided as “conspiracy theories” just a few short years ago:

#1 – The militarization of police and the rising police state in America

#2 – Yes, the government is spying on your emails and phone calls

#3 – The rise of the parenting police state

#4 – The stock market is totally rigged

#5 – “They’re never going to force you to take vaccines!”

#6 – Weather control technology

#7 – The mainstream media news is often fabricated

#8 – Secret prisons

#9 – Ebola really is airborne

#10 – Ebola is safe, but measles is wildly dangerous!

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about the Jade Helm military exercises, one can easily log onto:





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