The Allopathic Brainwash: Vaccines for Infectious Diseases, “Everything’s genetic” and “Humans are born weak and without an immune system”

polio 2

The powerful yet insidious US allopathic brainwash starts with the propaganda of scary pictures of kids dying from the worst case scenarios of infectious diseases, from the crippled children of polio to leper-looking cases of small pox. The scary pictures are always where the miseducation takes root, literally scaring people to death about germs, bacteria and viruses to the point that you are willing to inject those very germs, bacteria and viruses into muscle tissue to “build immunity” – all because you believe humans are born extremely weak and in need of chemical jabs and yearly “boosters,” not to mention antibiotics that kill all your bacteria in your gut, which is destroying your biological “seat” of immunity. Antibiotics and chemotherapy are like nails in the coffin of bad health – they can really finish you off. Still, the MDs will tell you all your health problems are inherited by tricking you with the use of the word “genetic.” That’s why they always want your COMPLETE family history of medicine and health problems, so you have to accept that you too are “weak” and in need of antibiotics, mercury, radiation and chemotherapy in order to even have a chance at a decent lifespan. This is the great con. This is the great coercion. The fear-driven plot starts with pictures of dying kids, to scare you into ALL of this. This is Big Pharma.

small pox hype

The Vaccine Racket

Oh, the Big Pharma and Vaccine Racket is a “Prism!” Yes, Snowden revealed how the government SPIES on all Americans all day and night, 24/7, via the NSA Prism, but Natural News Editor in Chief Mike Adams reveals the VACCINE PRISM – a detailed map of how the vaccine industry really works, who they payoff, who they have “in their pockets” and the regulatory agencies behind the scenes, working hard to keep us all sick and stupid, buying medicine that leads to health detriment and the spread of disease, even the preventable ones. This includes the whole cover-up of vaccine damaged children and just HOW MUCH MONEY the secretive vaccine court has dished out in settlements to all these parents of vaccine-injured or even dead children. Talk about scary pictures! These kids have lesions and disfigurations from vaccines. See how the system is at work right now to destroy your health and all rational reasoning to go along with it. It’s an allopathic infographic by one of the greatest health pioneers of our time, the Health Ranger at Natural News …


The comedian Jimmy Kimmel uses these vaccine-damaged children as material for his comedy routine. This is no joke. Take a glance at this too:

polio kid

The “Everything’s Inherited” Brainwash Racket

If a physician were to tell you that your skin rash on your arm is inherited from your mother’s side, but you remember that you just got some grease from your car on your skin in the exact spot of your rash yesterday, would you still take the prescription medicine that doctor gives you for your arm rash? If that same doctor told you that you also better take some antibiotics, in case the rash is from some bacteria, you can kill that bacteria before it spreads, would you also take the antibiotics? Remember now, that doctor read your medical history chart, so he/she knows what’s best for you, as far as chemical medicine that can treat any symptoms of skin, digestive or brain infections. That doctor went to eight years of medical school and read hundreds of books to be able to prescribe multiple chemical medications that won’t overdose you by accident. That MD who reads peer reviewed magazines and used to endorse cigarettes as healthy, he/she is telling you that your body is weak, and that you need to be extra careful in this world full of germs, bacteria and viruses, and take all your prescriptions, the whole vaccine schedule, flu shots yearly, booster shots for measles outbreaks around you, and chemotherapy when you get cancer, because he/she knows at this rate, YOU are bound to get it, if heart disease, failed kidneys, strokes or Alzheimer’s doesn’t get you first!

Fear is big business. Don’t forget. Everything’s inherited, including the rash you get from chemicals you touch. “Everything’s genetic” including the fast food hamburgers, French fries and hot dogs you eat that cause heart disease. You see, “everything’s inherited,” including cancer that’s not contagious but that’s really caused by consuming food chemicals, taking toxic vaccines, drinking fluoridated water and getting chemotherapy. It’s all genetic because it all has to do with our cells and our genetic make-up, right? Be very afraid! – of the MD’s advice that is.

The Antibiotics Racket

measles case

No natural health enthusiast in the world denies the fact that antibiotics can save your life. The massive problem that exists today, especially in the USA, is that antibiotics are massively overused AND abused by several industries, not just the medical field. Antibiotics are found in nearly overdosing amounts in most feed animals across the nation in all the confined animal feeding operations. These animals would otherwise DIE from bacterial infections from breeding and eating in warehouses full of their own feces and urine, not to mention among other dying animals. These animals (including fish) are shot full of antibiotics to stave off infection before they are inhumanely slaughtered, drained and processed for the fast food and corporate chain store restaurants across the country and world. The humans who eat this meat are getting overdoses of antibiotics, and then urinating in toilets that go through water plants that CANNOT filter out antibiotics.

Those same humans drink from their tap at home, at the office, and at restaurants, and get MORE antibiotics. When those same humans get sick, they go to allopathic fanatics who, when they see symptoms of toxic food and medicine disorder – prescribe ANTIBIOTICS, which kill the human’s good bacteria needed to fight other kinds of infections, including viruses and superbugs that are IMMUNE to antibiotics. Then, in the final stages of the Western Medicine RACKET, chemotherapy is recommended to those humans who “genetically” got cancer from overdosing on chemical food and chemical medicine, including antibiotics and vaccines, but the doctor may not even know anything about all of this. He/she is trained to juggle prescriptions for covering symptoms. He/she is just a pawn in the allopathic racket. The allopathic prism has been revealed!

The Chemotherapy Racket, Brainwash and Gunpoint Medicine


Don’t knock chemotherapy, right? Someone you know right now might be on it. You wouldn’t want to upset them, would you? Don’t talk bad about something horrible that’s happening in the medical industry, because it might upset that sick person, who’s immunity is being FURTHER destroyed by chemical medicine. Cancer is a disorder of the cells, actually, and not a disease at all. It’s classified as disease to fool the public into believing there’s nothing they can do to reverse this disease, even though it’s a disorder of the cells. This “disorder” is caused by several factors, but mainly it starts with cells that cannot breathe. They are suffocating, in the same way you would if you were swimming in a pool of toxins all day. Chemotherapy is designed to kill all cells that are polluted with these toxins and are “out of control” and multiplying. This increases free radicals in the body, as does chemotherapy. Why on earth would any human ever consider taking medicine that increases free radicals, kills good bacteria in the gut, and ruins immunity in order to treat a disorder of the cells that is caused by consuming toxins that kill your good cells and warp your bad ones, making them attack your immune-compromised system?

The reason hundreds of thousands of Americans consider and take chemotherapy for cancer is because they are already severely brainwashed by the FDA and the CDC to believe their body is weak, in need of chemical medicine, since the day they were born. They all think cancer has been around like this for a thousand years, but they’re all too brain-fried by vaccines and fluoridated water to ever comprehend that they are being given THE CAUSE of their cell disorder as a MEDICINE by quack doctors in a quack country chock full of MDs that scribble prescriptions to cover the symptoms of ALLOPATHIC BRAINWASH DISEASE.

Remember, don’t be a conspiracy theorist, be a conspiracy recognizer! Use your brain and identify all the quacks, the cons, and the brainwash attempts by allopathic America to trick us into eating chemical food and taking chemical medicine. You deserve better than that, my friends. This is your Natural News Tracker and this has been a public service message.

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