Burning Down the House – Cigarettes cause more than half of all house fires, study reveals

house fire

There are so many ways you can accidentally burn a house down with a cigarette. We’ve all heard some horror stories. “He” fell asleep in the easy chair and the lit cigarette fell to the carpet and ignited the whole house in seconds. “She” leaned the cigarette on the window ledge or counter’s edge and it rolled off. He thought he put it out, but obviously not well enough, and plucked it in the yard or the trash can. He was drunk, smoking, and fell asleep on the couch. She was doing drugs and passed out with a burning cigarette in bed. He threw it out the window of the car into a dry field near some homes. Leave the cigarette burning in an ashtray and the cat or dog could knock it over, or some wind could blow some paper onto it. The real stories go on and on. Imagine, every other house fire that firefighters respond to is caused by an unattended lit cigarette, and just why do they burn so hot for so long? Therein lies the rub.

cig burns

Cigarette chemicals burn at 1700 degrees

Today, commercial cigarettes contain cellulose acetate, a plastic found in photo film that burns super hot – try 1700 degrees Fahrenheit during the smoker’s inhale, when the ash-end “cherry” turns red hot. Plus, cigarettes are treated with ammonia to make the nicotine up to thirty-five times as potent so it reaches the heart and brain within three seconds. Tobacco is treated with chemical herbicides to kill attacking weeds and chemical insecticides to kill the worms that consume the crop. Mix pesticide with ammonia and cellulose acetate in your fire pit at home and you’ve got a toxic explosion on your hands. Drop a lit cigarette on carpet, bedding, sofa cushions or in the kitchen trash can that contains paper and what have you got? A house burned to the ground inside of ten minutes. There’s a good reason cigarettes don’t just burn out, but rather burn until they reach the speed bump (safety rings of carpet glue), which could still be TOO LATE.

couch fire

Burning down your health gradually with second and “third-hand” smoke

Cigarettes are without a doubt the most deadly cause of house fire fatalities. And even if you don’t burn down the house literally, you’re certainly “burning down” your health and ruining your good aura. Tiny shards of glass known as glass wool are WOVEN into the filter, and that’s why cigarette “butts” don’t get hot. Think of the fiberglass insulation in your attic right about now. These shards escape and go down the smoker’s throat, down the windpipe and into the lung’s tissue, cutting and scraping, cutting and scraping, until guess what? – Emphysema!

Second hand smoke still contains those toxic herbicides and toxic insecticides mixed with carpet glue, ammonia and tar that sticks to everything, including furniture, walls and ceilings (that yellow look is called third-hand smoke), the baby’s toys, food left out on the counter, and it’s in the air being breathed in and out all day, locked inside the house.

All indoor pollutants add to health chaos

Did you know that indoor pollutants are now estimated to be up to five times worse than outdoor (L.A. Times – “The toxic home”). Most Americans spend 90% of their time indoors, using toxic chemicals, from toxins in cheap candles to toxic aerosol “air fresheners” and from cigarettes to “vaping” – – people are brewing up hundreds of types of mold and mildew leading to health detriment.

Engage lifestyle changes that are permanent and become healthy fast

Looking for a new way of life that isn’t hazardous to your health? First look inside yourself and do a great cleansing. Save yourself from probable early death. Quit smoking. There’s a natural method you can learn in 60 minutes and you’ll be done with cigarettes forever within 14 days. Want to see the free trailer? Enter here without any risk of burning your house down! (http://programs.naturalnews.com/14AndOut__TV.htm)

Did you know that organic raw fruits and organic raw vegetables can prevent and even cure cancer, but oncologists are not allowed to talk about it in the United States? That’s why so many people are sharing the truth on alternative media, it’s truth media. Here’s Natural News coverage of the power of raw and organic. (http://www.naturalnews.com/042848_organic_produce_cancer_cure_sick_car_industry.html)








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