The Health Ranger covers politics because quite often politics overlap into our food, water, medicine, civil liberties and issues of personal safety in U.S.

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Yes, Donald Trump, the Economic Libertarian, and Bernie Sanders, the Democratic Socialist, are not only having their voices heard in the running for a new president, but they are in the lead of their packs, airing opinions about politics in a bold manner that’s being paid lots of attention, because everybody is sick of the b.s., the Obama careless lies, the Bush era of infamy that brought us 9/11, the genetically mutated frankenfood, and forced vaccination proclamations. Nobody wants Dick Cheney running the White House, and if Jeb wins, that’s what you got. Nobody wants Monsanto running the White House, but if Hillary wins, that’s what you’ve got. Yep, the Bride of Frankenfood!

biocorn hazard

Journalists and reporters alike are flooding the internet with professional articles that go viral in just a few hours. Excellent opinions and insight based on research allow readers around the world to pull up alternative news with their laptops, ipads and smartphones in just seconds and know WHAT’S REALLY GOING ON, instead of turning on the lying TV or reading the lying ink printed on bleached paper called newspaper. The Natural News Tracker, Liberty Voice, the Internet Post, Anti-Corruption Society, Steve Quayle, Jon Rappoport – – these are just a few pioneers helping carve the way for health, spiritual, and political freedom.

Mike Adams, the Editor in Chief of, is a great writer and thinker, and he has some political news that weighs in pretty heavy right now, and could have major impact on the quality of food in America, our safety, our medical freedom and more. Pay close attention and listen to Ron Paul and others who stand up for health and freedom and the U.S. Constitution! Here’s the Health Ranger covering Trump and Sanders in the health news world:

“They’re both independent-minded individuals who aren’t afraid to buck the system… or even to threaten it! Sanders openly talks about obliterating Wall Street capitalist cronies while Donald Trump openly threatens to build a giant wall on the border to block illegal immigration. These aren’t cowardly, mainstream ideas; they’re bold, controversial positions that simply aren’t designed to appease the middle ground.” Learn more:

Take a stance. Demand food labels for GMO. Demand that Congress pay attention to organic food activists. Start a blog about what you care deeply about. It’s free and people pay attention. You might “go viral” if you get the right message out there!

Here are some Alternative News favorites from recent current event coverage:

This article had over 40,000 Facebook shares within days. Many people realized that artificial sweeteners ARE cancer-causing nightmares:


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