Jade Helm 15 and the A1-Terminator Scenarios are Playing Out Across America right NOW


Jade Helm Sky-net is underway in several states of America, where the government and the military practice scenarios of finding underground rebels and freedom fighters they can “work with” on some fake infidel and intruder incidences of TV propagated mass terror and a fake war on your emotions so you can be controlled, including your purchases, your GMO food, your fake nightly news and your genetically modified medicine.

Jade Helm could be a jaded “hell” military style if martial law sticks and goes over well with the zombies tuning into CNN and Fox News, thinking there’s a two party system with actual voting choices, when the globalists and corporations are running everything.

Terminator A1

Skynet is real – we’re talking NSA using your PHONE CALLS FOR VOICE RECOGNITION for future battle and assassinations (when “rebels” get “suicided”).

Jade Helm is underway! Yipee. The Terminator is looking down your street, yep, neighborhoods, hoods, suburbs, you name it! Cameras at the intersections, smart meters hear what’s being said in your home, smart TVs watch you and your kids, with live video tapped when you buy that machine and agree to the “terms” in fine print. Ooops. Another cat let out of the bag. NSA put in place PRISM to bust other politicians that compete with them with their dirty lives of investing in health demise and living on outrageous salaries and donations (cold hard cash in millions) from corporate lobbyists who pay them to govern YOU with POLICE STATE AMERICA. Remember Baltimore a couple months ago? That’s every metropolitan city in USA when the “FIT HITS THE SHAN.” And Jade Helm may still be OCCUPYING your neighborhood when that does come, in next few months. The Terminator is practicing TERMINATING, with video, audio, drones, NSA, DHS – and they have millions of hollow point bullets and the MACHINE GUNS they tried to ban after Sandy Hook. It all adds up. There’s no safety in silence because you KNOW they’re planning SOMETHING.

As reported at Natural Health News and on Worldwide Alternative News Networks:

“Is the “Jade Helm 15” exercise involving hundreds of U.S. special operations troops set to begin this month in the Southeast really an exercise involving the use of artificial intelligence (AI)? It’s possible, say analysts who believe that “JADE” is an acronym for a Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA)-developed AI quantum computing technology that is capable of producing holographic battlefield simulations. The technology, they say, is heading up the drill in order to “master the human” domain and learn to predict human responses.” For full coverage of this ongoing domestic martial law (they call “practice”) click HERE:


Remember the Constitution my friends? That paperwork that gives you the right to speak, freedom of press, religion and the right to bear arms, the same ones the government might use to control you one day? Yes, that Constitution still stands, even though it’s becoming “Jaded.”

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