Stop Smoking News: Stop Smoking SCAMS! Chantix & Zyban, Nicotine Patches, Scare Tactics – boring! Check out a Natural Method* that does work!

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Have you taken “stop smoking” medications and had horrific nightmares and thoughts of suicide that you NEVER had before? You might have been swallowing Chantix or Zyban pills, cause that’s just a couple of the side effects, besides not getting people off of cigarettes. Are you wearing a patch that delivers 3 to 4 milligrams of nicotine consistently throughout the day, when you were used to smoking a cigarette at least once an hour that contained over 100 mg. of nicotine in a vapor form that hit your brain and heart in three seconds after the inhale?

Maybe you should switch to those E-cigs, you know, electronic cigarettes without nicotine. That could be your bridge to freedom from commercial cigarettes.

lit cig

Did the scary CDC commercials not work for you? Welcome to reality. Did some doctor convince your brain that you don’t need cigarettes? It works, if you follow up…

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