Smoking News: Cigarettes, diet soda, monosodium glutamate and tap water – the top FOUR sinister contributors to fibromyalgia and inflammation

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When you finish reading this, in just ten minutes, you will have the guide at your fingertips that will walk you through quitting cigarettes, beginning immediately. This is knowledge and behavior modification and it is completely natural and organic, as you are meant to be. Fibromyalgia is completely driven by inflammation and is classified as a “disorder” that currently affects over 5 million Americans. So what is it?

What exactly is Fibromyalgia? It’s characterized by chronic muscle pain, sleep disorders, anxiety, fatigue and sometimes irritable bowels. Nobody wants or needs to be functioning this way. “They” (Western Medicine) tell you the cause is not understood, but “they” lie or don’t know the truth. Several medications are “available” with prescriptions and side effects recommended by television and your so called doctor who makes such good conversation with you and is SO friendly. Analgesics and antidepressants for your food, water and cigarette…

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