USA depression – a beast created by diet soda, cigarettes, white bread, pasta and toxic refined grains – Who knew?

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diet toxic

Are you battling depression, anxiety, feelings of emptiness? Stop eating glyphosate (World’s most popular and most toxic herbicide used on grains, corn and soy). Also, stop eating bleach and carcinogenic sugar! White bread, white pasta and sugar are BLEACHED WHITE            and consuming bleach causes depression, anxiety, and cleansing organ failure by cancer, eventually. Eating pesticide causes Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, and other nervous system disorders. Is that what you eat? GMO?

Are you battling with depression and anxiety from diet soda and cigarettes? There’s a cure at the bottom of this article!!! Also think about this: Could cancer be the end result of depression? Killing brain neurons and expediting cell death may be killing people faster than lung cancer, and chronic depression is fuel for overwhelming cell mutation and the taking over of organs by mutagenic warped cells, also known as blood cancer.

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Are you battling feelings of sadness…

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