GMO – The trillion dollar business of selling Americans their own health demise


You read it on every biotechnology website–the lies about feeding the world, more yield from the crops, drought-resistant plants and the “science” of agriculture. The chemical agriculture industrial complex is in full swing in 2015, and they’ll try their best to convince you they have “more targeted pest management control” than ever before. Have you heard of “superbugs?” And then, most definitely, you hear their talk of the rapidly expanding population that’s simply GOT to be fed. Have you heard of vertical indoor, high density organic farming? It’s produce in its purest form. The biotechnology shills and charlatans, the corporate hucksters, they’ll sell you on some NEW identity they’ve taken on, because their old one got a “bad rap.” Sure. Then they’ll get really intellectual on you and inform you that this is highly advanced science combined with technology to bring innovation to crop productivity and yes, they’ll even use the words “sustainable” and “holistic.” Why? Because, as they claim, they want to make meals “accessible” and “within reach of every family.” Does that mean all chemical laden food is subsidized by the US government or does it mean junk science is cheaper because they use toxic chemicals to kill more bugs and weeds?

If you go to Dow Agroscience’s main website, at the top, you’ll see this:

“We are committed to increasing crop productivity through higher yields, better varieties, and more targeted pest management control. Our products and services are designed to solve pressing crop production problems for our customers, boosting agriculture productivity to maximum sustainable levels to keep pace with the growing needs of our world’s rapidly expanding population.”

Then, at the top right, you read this:

“Dow Agrosciences recently introduced a new brand and visual identity, a transformation the company has undertaken over the past year.”

And finally, under their page header, “Sustainability,” you’ll be delivered this message:

“By 2050, the world’s food production systems must support an estimated 9 billion people, with a shrinking base of agricultural land and limited water resources. Dow AgroSciences combines the power of science and technology with the “human element” to discover and develop innovative agricultural solutions for a more sustainable world. We are committed to increasing crop productivity through higher yields, better varieties, and more targeted pest management. We develop innovative chemical and biotechnology solutions to meet the food, feed, and fiber needs of the world.”

If you go to Monsanto’s main website, at the top, you’ll see this:

“Monsanto is an agriculture company with more than 20,000 dedicated employees with a focus on making a balanced meal accessible to everyone. We work to help farmers produce food in a more sustainable way. We think holistically about how our food is grown so farmers have the tools they need to have better harvests – to make a plate of meats, grains, fruits and vegetables within reach of every family.”

It doesn’t even make sense that eating chemical pesticides that kill bugs and weeds could somehow be good for human beings. Who cares if it’s cheap if it’s destroying your gut’s good bacteria, infecting your central nervous system, and polluting your brain? If only everyone knew.

New gluten-free, pesticide-laden wheat CANNOT be healthy for anyone


Let’s all celebrate–wheat that contains chemical bug-killer and chemical weed-killer no longer contains gluten! Now everyone can stop worrying because the synthetic pesticide and genetically modified organisms will only stay in our bodies for 24 hours instead of the whole week. How stupid do they think we are? Still, people who don’t know about GMO and are told to “get off gluten” will probably go for the new gluten-free pesticide-laden wheat, thinking they’re in the clear.


Yes, Dow Agrosciences is riding the bandwagon slogan that wheat is one of the most important grains worldwide, and the other bandwagon that people with celiac disease need to avoid gluten–well they need to avoid eating chemical pesticide also. The solution is not just gluten-free, but chemical-free living. “Clean eating” in other words, is the cure for digestive issues, not deleting or silencing the genes of plants using RNA interference (RNAi). Since anything GMO is fast-track approved in the USA, there shouldn’t be any issues getting approval for commercialization as long as politicians and regulatory heads get their pockets lined with fat stacks of biotech cash. Just call it scientific agriculture and pest control and the masses will buy in.


Biotech shills and charlatans are at it again, promoting cancer-causing GMO

Check your bread, waffles, cookies, pastries and pasta for the new GMO gluten-free pesticide laden wheat mutation as part of your “balanced diet.” Field trials are underway. By the way, cancer is a disorder of the cells, not a disease. It breeds and multiplies from chemical exposure on a daily basis. Are you allergic to chemical bug-killer and chemical weed-killer. The odds are that you are.



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