Top excuses for not quitting smoking

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she smokes crowd

How many look familiar?

Smoking is just a break from work.

It’s how you handle going back to work.

It helps you think about your problems.

It gets you out in the fresh air.

Your life is too stressful to quit right now, maybe later.

Your friends smoke.

Your co-workers do it.

Your parents smoked, or your significant other got you started.

You are actually going through a breathing routine and a hand to mouth ritual that helps you relax.

The menthol ones help your chest and throat feel better.

It’s how you wake up in the morning (and stop coughing).

You need something to do.

It’s a hand to mouth thing, kind of like a snack.

You like the ritual of it all.

It’s legal!

You actually like it.

It looks cool.

It reduces stress!

You like sharing them.

It’s just the perfect thing after a meal.

It’s just…

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