What do cigarettes and vaccines have in common? They’re both toxic to immunity!

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smoke n drink

According to Natural News, CVS (Caremark Corp.) quit selling tobacco. Now, more than two dozen Attorneys General from 24 states are pressuring Walgreens and Wal-Mart to follow suit. Is this the “beginning of the end” for cigarettes? Will it be like prohibition was? Outlaw cigarettes!

Wait, we’re in America after all, where you’re “free to choose.” You have rights, right? Is CVS taking away smokers’ rights, or just making a choice for them? Maybe they’re just planning to sell more Chantix and Zyban, those drugs that have side effects including feelings of suicide, as if smokers don’t have enough to deal with when they want to DETOXIFY (quit smoking 4,000 chemicals) and not add NEW toxins to their bloodstream.

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Millions of Americans are getting injected every year with 100 times the mercury they’re worried about in fish because they read about the salmon or tuna…

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