Navajo 27,000-square-mile “food desert” in California now taxing junk food heavy and removing taxes from fresh fruits and vegetables!

navajo cali

Some people are complaining, mostly the junk-food addicts who can get ten meals for about thirty bucks, but the majority of the Navajo who know the value of live, fresh, nutrient-loaded food are celebrating a huge step in the right direction. Most people who eat junk food regularly suffer from either diabetes, pre-diabetes, obesity and/or cancer. They battle depression, anxiety and constant frustration too, as their bodies slowly breakdown and require chronic care, which, if delivered at a US hospital makes things much, much worse, and fast. The fix is in the food, and the Navajo are taxing the dead food and removing tax from the live food, because they WANT TO LIVE, and live without suffering from preventable diseases. To prevent “preventable” diseases you have to act, not just react, and you have to do a little bit of homework so you know what foods your body and mind want the most and need the most. It’s starts with Natural Health News, where dozens of journalists, reporters, doctors, farmers and scientists all agree that organic food and Nature’s natural remedies keep the body organic and fuel longevity, happiness, and a strong heart and mind. Make informed choices about the food you buy, read the labels, and support taxes on junk food in your county, city, region and state. Don’t buy into “junk science” that says GMO is the same as organic. Genetically modified food contains pesticides, and junk food contains pesticides, and you are not a dying bug or weed. Check out the tax the Navajo put on junk food and what they’re doing to make FRESH FRUITS AND FRESH VEGETABLES more affordable across the entire reservation!


As reported on Natural News:

“In December, Berkeley, California, became the first city in the U.S. to pass a soda tax. Navajo Nation, however, is taking this one step further. After almost four years of legislative battle and several attempts, Navajo Nation will become the first place to implement a 2 percent tax on junk food or food items with “minimal-to-no-nutritional value”. The tax will expire and be revised in 2020. Last year, Navajo implemented an amendment that removed the 5 percent tax on the sale of fresh fruits and vegetables. The tax will generate an estimated $1 million a year, which can be used to support health and wellness projects such as the creation of greenhouses, local farmers markets, community gardens, and cooking classes.” Learn more:


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