America – Home of the Preventable Disease Epidemics (PDEs) mostly caused by Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs)

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How do you make someone fat fast? Screw up their hormones. Why is every third person in America fat, and half of those obese? Hormones in meat and dairy and chemicals in plastics that contain food, like BPA, bisphenol-A.

Did you know obesity feeds cancer? Yes, processed, refined sugar is the number one cause of cancer. Guess what else makes you fat fast? Artificial sweeteners. Yep. Artificial sweeteners are designed to trick your body into thinking it’s getting some sugar, so your body reacts and wants even more. Fake sugars make people even hungrier and they throw off your hormone balance. Aspartame, sucralose and sorbitol are all implicated in the preventable disease epidemics that are sweeping America. Folks, cancer, diabetes and obesity were rarely even a case 100 years ago. Before WWII, hardly anybody suffered from these preventable diseases. Now, allopathic doctors and oncologists will all tell you it’s HEREDITARY, why? So you will accept these problems as unsolvable and continue to take chemical pharmaceuticals which FEED THE PROBLEM!!

Want to get fat fast? Eat gluten. Gluten is a sticky food stuff mass that stops up the intestines and contains genetically modified ingredients and food chemicals like bleach, monosodium glutamate (MSG), chemical dough softeners and synthetic preservatives. When you can’t go to the bathroom properly and in a timely fashion, all the food trapped in your body for longer than 24 hours becomes poison.

Endocrine disrupting chemicals are put in plastics, water supply, and even cosmetics to screw with people’s health and drive up healthcare needs. Healthcare in America is ONE HUGE SCAM and Obamacarelessness is set up to rob you of your health freedom. Long term studies have been carried out by real scientists, food experts and people who care about humans, and it’s time for you to do your homework so you will know which food products, corporations, and personal care products to avoid like the plague. Here’s a head start for you:

As reported by Natural

“Evidence continues to link endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) to a wide range of illnesses, most notably obesity and diabetes, according to a scientific statement recently issued by the Endocrine Society. The new statement is a followup to the society’s 2009 report, which highlighted the existing research on the health threats of EDCs. “The evidence is more definitive than ever before – EDCs disrupt hormones in a manner that harms human health,” said Andrea C. Gore of the University of Texas at Austin, who chaired the task force that drafted the statement. “Hundreds of studies are pointing to the same conclusion, whether they are long-term epidemiological studies in human, basic research in animals and cells, or research into groups of people with known occupational exposure to specific chemicals.”

How badly do you want to live and be healthy all the while?!

Put it this way, if you were getting sick from moldy bread, would you look for a cure from a vaccine, or medicine, or consider surgery, while you kept on eating more moldy bread every day? No. So why then do we spend so much time and money on finding a cure for a CHEMICALLY DRIVEN KILLER, all while we keep pouring in the poison that breeds it?! Change the way you look at the cure for diabetes, obesity and cancer … view it as a disciplined, active prevention plan, and the cure will follow. Stop pouring in the poisons, your own good cells will have a much better chance of fighting and surviving the bad ones. It’s common sense.


The body is the temple of the soul. So why then don’t we have guards at the gates? Only knowledge and self-discipline can preserve your temple, and keep out the greatest killer of all time. How about instead of surgically cutting out where the “disease” is attacking and then dousing it with chemotherapy, we prevent and kill the disease by cutting off its fuel. Let’s cure this problem on the front end. It’s time that you cut off the enemy supply lines by eliminating your intake of chemicals! Just as a General in the army would do to weaken the front lines of the enemy, we give our body the ultimate fighting advantage. There is a cumulative effect from eating poisons, even if it’s just a “little bit” each day. There are enough chemicals in common products to easily end your life in the next 10 to 20 years. Just as you have to be a defensive driver to avoid accidents, you have to be a defensive consumer to avoid all of the chemicals that you can ingest on a daily basis.

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