The War on BUGS – not terror or cancer or drugs! – it’s the Hospital Superbugs!

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First off, there never really was a war on drugs. Politicians only care about loss of revenue when it comes to drug dealers, because they don’t pay taxes. Secondly, there was never a war on cancer either, just a fake corporate “search for the cure” to convince everyone to wear pink and march around, donating mass amounts of cold crisp cash to CEO’s that push fried chicken and aspartame while bankrolling donations under the guise of non-profit.

And that brings us to the fake war on terror, which is beholden to 9/11 and the indefinite US occupation of unstable Arab countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan. There are NO terrorists bombing stuff in the US, and if they did want to come here, they could just fly to Mexico, build their IED’s or dirty bombs and walk right across the Southern border of the US any given day, right into California, Arizona or Texas.

Finally, we have the REAL war on bugs, and this is in regards to the kind that consume crops and the infectious bacteria and viruses that are created by engineers for US biotech “terror” in the form of mutated food and medicine, including inoculations.


Antibiotics are virtually useless in today’s age, and usually they are prescribed for viral infections, where they are beyond useless and actually damage the immune system, making the people MORE sick and vulnerable to infections and death. Plus, insects and blight are becoming more resistant to GMO pesticides and herbicides and are devastating America’s corn, oranges, and more. Scientists in labs are concocting multi-faceted disease by combining genes from insects, bacteria, humans, animals and infectious diseases and creating new strains that have no cure, like Ebola, Swine flu and influenza. Have you heard of Enterovirus D68?

SUPERBUGS in the crop fields

There is a war going on, between GMO food and organic food. There is relatively NO GRAY AREA in between anymore. Most conventional food is doused with so much pesticide in order to fight back superbugs and superweeds that anyone consuming it is most likely instigating cell mutation and therefore, some form of cancer in their bodies. No surgery medication, chemotherapy or radiation in the world can prevent or cure this type of blood cancer that develops from the constant consumption of toxic herbicide and insecticide, like RoundUp and Atrazine. Do you have fungal infection (cancer)? (

SUPERBUGS in hospitals across America

How will your body defend itself against Superbugs, those infections that come from hospitals that aren’t clean, where sick people spread germs that are immune to ALL antibiotics? Will you allow a doctor, surgeon and team of oncologists to tell you there’s no cure for cancer, only a prolonged misery? If you go to the hospital to get a broken bone reset or maybe your knee operated on, you may want to find out what whole, organic foods, herbs and tinctures build you the greatest immunity, from the gut to the heart to the brain, because visiting a hospital or a crowded doctor’s office might just be the entrance to your early grave. Superbugs are no joke. They are real in 2014 and your body, the machine, needs a strong defense arsenal!

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News, is investigating the best superfoods and immune-system builders in the world. It’s time to tune in and get your good gut bacteria back to 85 percent.



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