Admit it … You really don’t know what GMO is, do you?

gmo monsanto evil

Some people – in fact, most people – do not even understand what GMO means. To many, all they know about the genetic modification of organisms and food is that somehow science has “advanced” in the agriculture sector. They believe that maybe we need that to help with food shortages, or killing weeds and bugs, so that farms will be able to produce enough food to “feed the world,” or something to that effect.

The truth is, genetically modified crops grow from seeds that have pesticide genes inserted in them, so that the plant itself grows bug-killer and weed-killer inside of it. Many of these crops are sprayed with the same pesticides of which their genetic makeup is comprised, adding to the overall toxicity for the humans that consume them. Glyphosate, a main component of the most popular herbicides on the planet, has been proven by scientists in laboratories to increase the risk of infertility, and for many animals, to cause an early death.

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