Breaking News: Ted Cruz – a traitor to the American people over GMO – loses BIG in polls

sheeple (3)

What we know for sure is that Ted Cruz is a Monsanto shill and a traitor to all Americans who seek the right to choose safer food. We also know that the GOP establishment that has long supported Monsanto just COLLAPSED with the desperate demise of Marco Rubio (and Jeb Bush before that, thank goodness).

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Whether you’re republican or not, if you don’t eat chemicals and don’t support a fake war on cancer that actually gives people cancer, Ted Cruz thinks you’re an anti-science, narcissistic moron who hates the world and hopes everyone else starves to death. In order to garnish some fat stacks of cash for his campaign that’s struggling, Cruz joined the ranks of Bill Nye, <i>the Science Fraud Guy</i>, in declaring his LOVE for Monsanto and all things GMO.




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