I was “KIDNAPPED by cigarettes, chained, and held for ransom!” Could have bought a house with the 40 years of WASTED money


While solving a routine technical problem, a representative from stopsmoking.news got in touch with a woman who works for Paypal (security), as the conversation went into the smoking habit, she told us the story of how she quit smoking nine months ago, after four decades of wasting money, that she could have used to pay for a house (or at least a good portion). She said the hardest part was the first nine months, and then the cravings finally went away. What she didn’t know is that the cravings would have been gone inside of 14 days, had she ramped up her nutrition, the day she quit and from then on , and continued with the right organic supplements and Superfoods.


“I was kidnapped by cigarettes,” the lady at Paypal said. “They wouldn’t let me go.” Smoking two packs a day wastes about $3,000 a year, and multiply that by 40 years, add in some medical bills, dry cleaning bills, dental bills, and hundreds of lighters and you could have paid cash for a home by the end of the smoking nightmare.


$120,000 Ransom: A House or a Really Bad 40-Year Habit that Suffocates People to Death? You Choose

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The hook revealed. When Marlboro and Kool started adding ammonia to cigarettes, the other cigarette manufacturers were losing business and market share, and FAST. They eventually all figured it out, and that’s the same time period when Nazi scientists went to work on US agriculture chemicals for killing worms, bugs, beetles, weeds, and yes the lab rat humans who will wander into cancer centers looking for the cure, only to get chemo–which is more chemicals that cause new cancers inside of two years.


And so the rat race went on, to see who could put the most pesticides in cigarettes and get away with it. The companies fought to win their cancer-stick smokers back over to their brand, that was either “roastier” or “toastier” or “more soothing flavor” for your throat. Whatever the rhyme or jingle or tagline, it all boils down to lung cancer, emphysema, ulcers, severe bronchitis, pneumonia, and finally, coffin tacks. And so Big Tobacco invested in fake cancer care, and Big Food invested in your insurance plan, and all the regulatory agencies that are supposed to be checking for disease-causing mutagens and trying to keep a population healthy is enjoying making everyone sick, while claiming GMO is healthy and there’s nothing wrong with BPA or lead in your water. Yeaaah, right.


And so the PayPal lady lost the $120,000 to Big Tobacco, but she saved her own life


By staying clean for 9 months, Ms. Paypal security was able to end the cravings of cigarettes. But really, those cravings were only cravings for nicotine to relieve the uneasy feelings left by the pesticides and ammonia in cigarettes, so as her body detoxified of the cigarette chemical concoction, there was no longer anything to crave relief from. This is the back door to ending addiction. Enter here and never fear, for it is deception that fears the truth, always and forever.


From Natural Health News and Stop Smoking News, thanks for sharing your story, ms paypal. It means a lot to a whole lot of people who have been smoking for 20 or 30 or 40 years and want to KNOW they CAN quit.

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Most Effective Natural Method in the World for Quitting Cigarettes: http://programs.naturalnews.com/14AndOut__TV.htm











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