Smokers around the world … meet the machine your body wants to be right now

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One Major Purpose: Whatever your belief system, religion, culture – your body is a beautiful, amazing, masterful machine that can thrive 100 years or more, if taken care of properly. So you got trapped by an evil habit that was crafted in laboratories and manufactured by machines to do just that – trap you, take your money and break down YOUR “machine.” The major purpose of our machine is to help you survive and thrive! Think about it; when we eat superfoods, take herbal tinctures, eat raw delicious organic fruits and veggies, we feel amazing – that’s the sign your machine is well oiled and fueled. Just the opposite happens when we smoke, drink alcohol, eat processed foods, drink tap water and get flu shots – that machine is getting cheap, dirty, compromised fuel – and as cyclists say, “garbage in … garbage out,” meaning use dirty fuel for your body and your energy is zapped to zero. Wondering why you get depressed? Wondering why you get stressed? Wondering why smokers don’t work out? No willpower. No drive. Trash in-trash out. Would you put used oil in your nice car? What about diesel gasoline when it requires unleaded? Do you need to change your “air filter” today, sir or ma’am? Let us help! knows how antioxidants can fix your free radical problem. We know. Learn right now. Keep reading.

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Realize this: Our 12 body systems consist of tissues, cells, and organs, with one major purpose. All 12 systems of the body are, in some major way or another, compromised by cigarettes. The skeletal system is the framework for the body. It protects your vital organs. Smokers are special candidates for magnesium deficiency.

Did you know smoking causes stress which in turn causes blood cholesterol levels to rise and magnesium levels to fall?Then, since magnesium and calcium work together to make your heart muscle contract in a normal, regular rhythm, the first sign of magnesium deficiency is an irregular heartbeat. You could be creating calcium deposits ON your heart muscle, keeping it from contracting properly – that becomes arteriosclerosis over time. Spasms of an artery caused by a lack of magnesium can be the cause of a heart attack.

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Our integumentary system is comprised of our hair, nails, skin, any outer covering for your body. This is your largest sensory organ. This is where vitamin D syntheses takes place. You MUST supplement with vitamin D3 during fall and winter, like 8,000 iUs daily. Check with Health Ranger recommendations on Natural

Your muscular system generates heat and uses energy. Smoking ammonia and pesticide does just the opposite. That’s why you get colder than non-smokers in general in the winter and have your nerves shot on a regular basis. Your immune system is a part of many different systems that fight off disease – so a flu shot full of mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and MSG makes things worse. Think on that for a second. Now keep reading. Most importantly to fighting cancer, for life, is your lymphatic system. MDs rarely discuss this with patients who smoke because they know where cancer “begins” and “ends” and that’s the oncologist’s job to deliver that news to you, and they usually wait until after surgery, after radiation treatment, and during or after chemotherapy, to warn you about your imminent death, which could have been reversed with the right information shared early on. Yes, your lymphatic system houses your white blood cells. Are you “ripping up the roof” by smoking cigarettes, and blasting holes in the walls that can save you from the (disease) “storms?”

There’s more. Your cardiovascular system transports the nutrients and also (gas) waste. It supports your immune function. Your urinary system gets rid of nitrogenous waste out of the blood, regulates electrolytes, and fluid, and pH balance. If you are too acidic and not alkalized, you are prone to disease and disorder. Quitting smoking is about more than quitting cigarettes, it’s about quitting fast food, microwave ovens and GMO corn. It’s about quitting overdoing things that are unhealthy. It’s about infusing all the FUEL that is pure, wholesome, raw, organic and alkalizing. That’s what your digestive system wants for breaking down into the building blocks for the body.

Keep reading. We’re almost to the best part. Your respiratory system wants clean air, that doesn’t contain chemicals like bleach (that’s why cigarettes are white, by the way – bleached papers). Your nervous system coordinates your muscles. That’s why smokers rarely work out, play sports, or have the desire to try to eat healthy. Your endocrine system secrets hormones that regulate growth and metabolism. That’s why children and teens are MOST affected by commercial cigarettes. Speaking of children, smoking increases odds of offspring with deformaties, infertility, autism, and the list goes on.

Smoking literally destroys your good gut bacteria! Cigarettes contain about 600 ingredients, 70 of which cause cancer. When they burn, they generate more than 7,000 chemicals, according to the American Lung Association. This all increases risk of erectile dysfunction. Superfoods put the “fun” back in dysfunction. Herbs and superfoods like maca and mucuna (dopabean pruriens) can work WONDERS for you. Your skin and all yoru cells will replenish themselves within 90 days, or one season. Are you ready for the cure for your “ills?” You can have your healthy skin back. You can get rid of wrinkles. You can have energy again. You can end the nightmare of cigarettes and extract them from your life. The formula is laid out for you. The blue print plan is before you. Engage. Learn in 60 minutes what you can’t risk a short lifetime not knowing. You can do this. It’s time to meet the machine you REALLY ARE and stop making excuses. Click on the words “FREE TRAILER” and see the natural method preview that’s more comprehensive and simple to follow than any other cessation method on the planet right now …

14AndOut – Stop Smoking Naturally in 14 Days!

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Recommended by the Health Ranger and leading nutritionists, including David Wolfe. 14AndOut comes with a nutritional guide. Get the one hour instructional streaming video with the nutritional guide (PDF) and now the special report on electronic cigarettes!

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