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Kill the Cigs or be KILLED by Chemo… you choose!


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The Allopathic Brainwash: Vaccines for Infectious Diseases, “Everything’s genetic” and “Humans are born weak and without an immune system”

The powerful yet insidious US allopathic brainwash starts with the propaganda of scary pictures of kids dying from the worst case scenarios of infectious diseases, from the crippled children of polio to leper-looking cases of small pox. The scary pictures … Continue reading

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Avoiding Disease “Shedders” – – Popular pharmaceutical “Stelara” warns you to stay away from recently vaccinated people – Don’t you wonder why?

Stelara drug manufacturers warn users to avoid people recently vaccinated for POLIO or INFLUENZA because the chemical-made pharmaceutical can compromise your immunity and people who have been recently vaccinated against disease (carry and can) “shed” that live virus that is inside … Continue reading

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