Monsanto & Bill Gates to take over Africa?

Frankencorn to take over Africa – It’s like U.S. exported food terrorizm and Monsanto will stop at nothing to grow it there. Sure certain African nations export some GM corn that they grow, probably because they know better than to eat it themselves. Bill Gates and Monsanto would love to grow only GMO food in all of Africa. In fact, it’s their goal. And one day that soil would all be dead, and the food totally void of all nutrition, and the seeds in the vaults of the most powerful corporation today, the one that makes 90% of the corn and soy that starts its toxic life in a laboratory. That’s right. Africa is under siege from a corporate monster that wants nothing more than the demise of a continent that fills their pockets with money and signs their documents guaranteeing control. Baby rats fed GM corn and soy died within three weeks according to a new study. You didn’t see that yet? Here you go:

Currently, about 250,000,000 Americans are guinea pigs for the HUGE GMO experiment going on. America is one big laboratory, and GM food is the ominous variable with untested outcomes for humans. It’s a long-term, scary test that at least 80% of Americans undergo, whether voluntarily or involuntarily, every day. However, it’s worth noting that research revealed lab rat liver damage as early on as 30 days, and half the babies died in just three weeks! Are you eating GM corn and GM soy daily? How will YOU feel next month? How about your kids? There is research you should be aware of, and it’s from a VERY detailed study done in 2014.

Monsanto uses its clout to negatively influence bio-safety measures in African nations

All African nations should outright REJECT GMO! Just Say No! – To the Genetically MUTATED maze, soya and cotton! Don’t eat pesticide food. Don’t grow it and don’t feed it. Food security? How do you secure pesticides that are breeding inside the seeds of corn, soy and cotton? Are there some kind of anti-cancer guards that work in the fields while these Frankencrops grow? Lack of biosafety regulation in Africa puts them all at very high risk with untested GMO mass planting. Just seven African countries have a functional biosafety regulatory framework. Currently, only four African nations – Burkina Faso, Egypt, South Africa and Sudan – have released commercial GMO crops. Still, that’s millions of people eating pesticide daily. As for America … How do we fair on the bright side of all this?

U.S. organic food consumption:


$42 billion in sales in 2014!


$31 billion in sales in 2012!

Organic food sales are going up 5 BILLION A YEAR so keep up the good work America!

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