Over 200 GROW SYSTEMS donated by Natural News and Health Ranger for schools and community centers across America – more requests arriving daily!

grow box

The Mini-Farm Grow Box invention is taking off! Get ready to grow your own organic lettuce, herbs, beans, you name it – and all for pennies on the dollar. This is probably only a few years away from bringing all organic food prices down. People who don’t have a “green thumb” or who don’t have the time, the soil, the money, the room, or the skills to garden, well, those days are past. This invention makes gardening in your home totally feasible. No need to go to Home Depot or Lowe’s for pounds of soil that costs an arm and a leg. No need to worry whether the electricity going out shuts down your ability to feed yourself and your family. No need for farming and gardening skills. Want the perfect food that just KEEPS GROWING in your home very inexpensively? The best part is that these grow system tools are made with a 3D Printer. Technology is amazing.

roots one

This great news was just published over the weekend at Natural News:

“(Natural News) is currently raising funds to donate 250 of these grow systems to schools across America. Funds have so far been acquired for over 207 of these systems, and we have approved donation requests from over 100 schools, churches and community centers (with more donation requests arriving each day).” Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048727_Food_Rising_grow_box_Health_Ranger_revolution.html#ixzz3SZdsIdI2


And here are top foods for a HEALTHY BRAIN – another great lesson plan for kids who need that curriculum boost that’s practical, fun, safe, beneficial and sustainable. Remember the famous saying “Let thy food be thy medicine” don’t you? Be your own “food doctor” and make sure you are getting the highest quality organic food at the lowest possible price, without all the effort of usual gardening, that relies on weather, wild animals ruining it, lots of money or a “green thumb.” This is revolutionary. You can do this simply in your own home, and Mike Adams has really been a pioneer in the whole invention process, using science, technology, and even recycling to do it!

lettuce mike

Want some ideas for “brain-food?” Get smart fast and stay that way:


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Another Jon Entine psychotic rant blasts Consumer Reports (CR) for discussing milk alternatives!

milk choices (3)

According to Natural News, a recent issue of Consumer Reports (CR) discussing the popularity of processed milk alternatives, and whether or not people should drink them, has drawn the infamous pro-GMO vocalist Jon Entine from the depths. The Monsanto-affiliated former shill writer for Forbes spewed a real mouthful in a recent rant, lamenting CR’s decision to warn its readers about the possible presence of genetically modified (GM) soybean derivatives in commercial soy milk products.

The self-proclaimed science expert, who was exposed last fall for physically abusing his wife and daughter, murmured extensively on Forbes about CR’s betrayal of his personal — and verifiably financially motivated — opinions about GMOs, declaring the consumer advocacy group to have lost its credibility.

The CR report, which highlights test results showing that some milk alternatives contain heavy metals such as arsenic, for instance, notes in the soy milk category that “most soybeans are grown from genetically modified seeds,” which is inarguably true. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Economic Research Service (ERS) openly admits that, as per the latest data released in 2014, upwards of 94 percent of all soybeans grown in the U.S. today are GMO.

Entine doesn’t take issue with this particular statement as much as he does with what comes after — an urging by CR to basically avoid these transgenic poisons. Immediately following the information tidbit, CR warns its readers who drink processed soy milk to look for brands that contain the USDA organic seal or the non-GMO verified label, a warranted suggestion in light of the fact that herbicide-tolerant GM soybeans have been linked to decreased fertility, reduced body weight and increased mortality, not to mention the thyroid suppression, endocrine disruption and breast cancer in women, among other dangers.


For more information, log onto:


As explained on the Jon Entine page at TruthWiki.org:

Entine has also worked to undermine Saralini on Wikipedia, using the handle “runjonrun”. GM Watch was alerted by Wikipedia users to the fact that Entine was one of the early editors on a one-sided and originally potentially libellous Wikipedia article called “The Seralini affair”, which denigrated Seralini’s study and Seralini himself.

Entine, under the Wiki user name “runjonrun”, was active in vandalizing the article by rapidly deleting balancing information, for example, about the scientific support for Seralini’s study and the conflicts of interest among critics of the study.

In a previous Wiki spat, “runjonrun” had revealed his true identity as Jon Entine after upsetting other Wiki users by allegedly contravening Wiki conflict of interest guidelines and vandalising articles without justification.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about Jon Entine and his personal and professional life, one can easily log onto:






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Is Monsanto a group of Biotech Fuhrers?

tyranny in america now (2)

Is Monsanto really a group of Biotech Fuhrers? Could TED be behind it all? What about Bilderberg? The Rockefellers? Which literature is their PROPAGANDA – so you won’t believe in the cancer-food-industry’s lies?

What Biotech publications are conning and culling the masses into believing that it’s okay to eat food that contains pesticide, and drink water that contains fluoride? This is what Hitler did to the Jews of Germany, Poland, and then some. He conned them into boarding trains with their luggage bound for concentration camps, where you never saw your children again, you drank fluoridated water, and you ate nutrition-void food and died of starvation; except nowadays you don’t die of starvation until the Nazi-chemotherapy does it’s job on you, robbing you of ALL immunity, ALL nutrients, ALL minerals, and then, then you’re “done.” It’s still murder, it’s just called GMO. It’s still got the same ingredients, with new names like Roundup, Glyphosate, BT corn and HT soy.


Writers who promote and purport these atrocities are getting picked apart and pointed out by alternative news and media coverage right now and for good reason. Jon Entine is one of them. He just got fired from Forbes.com and it’s a precedent example of biotech shills going “over the top” with propaganda way too many times. Plus, this guy is a violent psychopath who basically tortured his wife and daughter with verbal and some physical abuse as he dragged the now ex-wife through court drama, subpoenas, for seven years, as revealed in court documents published on Natural News.

The same chemicals made for food by the same companies, like Bayer, Dupont, Dow Chemical, Monsanto, – they are all the same thugs who gave rise to WWII as IG Farben, Hitler’s right arm – the pharmaceutical cabal that helped Hitler conquer countries, one by one. He went in and replaced their medicine with his, and cut off their food supplies, creating “ghettos” like asylums and weakening his enemy while he killed en masse.


Biotech writers today purport lies on all kinds of media fronts, including Forbes.com, WebMd, Wikipedia, ABC news, NBC news (where Entine used to be a producer), Fox and CNN, and more. Know what the fake news looks like, and sounds like, so you don’t second guess your own natural health information that is so vital in 2015. Never second guess the power of organic food, organic minerals, organic Superfood, herbs, tinctures, and of course, hemp seed oil for cancer prevention.

Sources for this blog:





More coverage of a biotech shill exposed!

Part I of the series on Entine


Part II of the series on Entine


Part III of the series on Entine


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How do you quit smoking in 60 minutes without medication? It’s all about the right supplements

calcium supplement

What really happens when you smoke? Physiologically, the nicotine temporarily relieves you of your chemical “hangover” or your “stress,” all while infusing 7,000 more chemicals into your heart, brain and central nervous system. Some people take short and fast drags to get some “pep.” Other smokers take long, slow drags to calm themselves down. What most people don’t know is the true history of Big Tobacco using ammonia to freebase nicotine in order to make the addiction even stronger. Way stronger. Nicotine is so juiced up in cigarettes now and enters the body as a vapor, and therefore hits the heart and brain within three seconds. No wonder people will only smoke “their” brand. Excuses and more excuses abound! So whatever the reason for smoking, and there are dozens, the end result is a need for another cigarette, or so you would think.

Do you ever feel so desperate that it seems nobody and nothing can “bail you out” or “save you” from the current nightmarish situation? Everyone does sometimes. What do nonsmokers do to handle the same situations? How do they “rev-up” or “calm-down” without that “nic-fix” (nicotine as a vapor drug fix)? People become emotionally and psychologically so worked up over situations they don’t believe they have control anymore, and a cigarette takes them to a place where they can cope, at least for a few minutes, that is.

Most people have NO CLUE they can raise their own dopamine and serotonin levels (natural hormones) using legumes and root powders like mucuna and maca. Smokers have no clue they can alkalize their bodies with kale and boost their “feel-good” hormones with food. They won’t be told by MDs either about Superfoods, because that’s not “medicine.” Oh, but a prescription medication that has side effects of depression and thoughts of suicide – that’s approved by the FDA!

People live their whole lives in desperation, addicted to junk science, junk medications and cigarettes. They suffer year after year consuming diet sodas, microwave foods and artificial sweeteners, not knowing aspartame and monosodium glutamate (MSG) attack the central nervous system, adding to chaos of feeling worried, anxious, and a constant lack of confidence.

Health Ranger Report on Natural Method 14AndOut!


Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048637_cigarettes_addiction_smoking.html#ixzz3RqNFEfUW

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Where to learn the truth about medical freedom in America

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Forbes writer says organics are dangerous – what a crock from a shill!

uncle sam skeleton

A recent issue of Consumer Reports (CR) discussing the popularity of processed milk alternatives, and whether or not people should drink them, has drawn the infamous pro-GMO serpent Jon Entine from the depths. The Monsanto-affiliated shill writer for Forbes spewed a real mouthful in a recent rant, lamenting CR’s decision to warn its readers about the possible presence of genetically modified (GM) soybean derivatives in commercial soy milk products.

The self-proclaimed science expert, who was exposed last fall for physically abusing his wife and daughter, murmured extensively on Forbes about CR’s betrayal of his personal — and verifiably financially-motivated — opinions about GMOs, declaring the consumer advocacy group to have lost its credibility.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/048619_Jon_Entine_GMOs_Consumer_Reports.html#ixzz3RdNvVfjV

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What’s a “slider” on Natural News and why are they shared by the thousands? Answer: Short-Attention-Span catered to with fast, great info!


Sliders are like billboards – they communicate the core of info as fast as possible with an attractive, interesting photo and some key words. Then, it’s up to you to look up the info for more insight, but with sliders, it’s online, so all you do is click on the “billboard” photo and key words and up comes the vital info! How easy is that? Wanna know more about the power of Vitamin D and how most chemical medicines popular in the USA are totally obsolete if you take 4,000 ius a day? Ooops. cat’s outa the bag on that one.

cafe woman

Want to know all the reasons allopathic doctors and oncologists won’t tell you the cure for cancer is organic food and spring water? Click on a slider. They’re on the right hand column of the NaturalNews.com home page. Find a topic that relates to YOUR LIFE and just click and read. It’s that easy. Get fast knowledge you can use daily to stay healthy, avoid cancer, and know what to eat, drink and put on your skin that supports longevity and sustainability! Learning great tools was never easier. SD Wells posts some sliders that support all of this and encourage health basics 101, so tell your kids, your teenagers and your college students to check out the new slider format for learning. They could write reports for school and use sliders like a powerpoint presentation. They could get inspired and use the Natural News sliders as a template. Tune into natural health news daily, you won’t be disappointed… In fact, you’ll be on your way to health freedom.

desert flowers

Got short attention span? Check out the …

Most popular sliders!






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