TPP fraudulent trade agreement has Obama allied with Republicans, and Democrats resisting tyranny!


When was the last time you ever heard of that happening?

Learn more from Mike Adams at Natural News

This is a big story to follow …

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Government changes fluoride guidelines, but still leaves some poison in public drinking water, since most people have no clue it’s really insecticide imported from China

toxic barrels overflow

Fluoride-based pesticide, a.k.a. fluosilicic acid, is what is dumped in US tap water, in case you didn’t know. Most people believe it’s something good for teeth, but that’s already been proven a lie in several reliable laboratories that don’t push chemicals on Americans for money. Fifty years ago, the US Government set in place a level of 1.2 milligrams per liter of fluoride-based pesticide in human drinking water, as this would be a good level that nobody can prove caused cancer but still, in the long run, causes cancer and brittle bones. No county officials or city officials will really know this, but they are told to answer NO questions regarding authority over it or the ability to change the rule of the land.

Fluosilicic acid – a toxic fertilizer by-product

Fluosilicic acid is a United States EPA registered highly toxic waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry. It is currently used as an “agent for fluoridating US public drinking water.”

This also is what the ADA, the American Dental Association, still claims helps your teeth stay strong, yet no test has ever proven that. In fact, test results go 180 degrees the other way – right into health detriment. Are your teeth discolored, cracked or pitted? No more wondering why. Don’t ask your dentist because the allopathic ones can’t say. You would need to switch to a holistic dentist to hear the truth. Here’s a look at what fluoride is doing to people’s teeth in the REAL world:

bad teeth from fluoride

fluoride barrels blue

Manufacturers of this toxic waste product from the phosphate fertilizer industry include alot of names you’ve never heard, and a few you have: Chemtech, Dow, Farmland Industries, Weaver Fertilizer, Freeport-McMoran, Maxxam, NuWest and a handful more.

It’s banned in Austria, by the way, this fluosilicic acid – toxic fertilizer byproduct.

Other names you might see for it include: Dihydrogen hexafluorosilicate, FKS, hexafluorosilicic acid, hydrofluorosilicic acid and hydrogen hexafluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride, to name a few. It’s even been called “Sand acid” by industry goons.

fluoride face zombie

Zombies in America Consuming Poison Daily under the Guise of “Building Strong Teeth”

Now, to totally con the American public into drinking unlimited amounts of this poison, and to use it even for their baby formula, cooking vegetables, making coffee and tea, washing entire body, and you get the point – – to accomplish all of this atrocity, the US government wants you to know that they’re also looking out for you that you don’t get “too much” of a good thing. Oh yes, to really con even the smart folk and keep them as customers for life, the Department of Health and Human Services says since you’re already getting lots of fluoride from your toothpaste and your mouth rinses (see how they already got you), that they are going to watch out for everyone, and tell you that you only need to ingest .7 milligrams of this bug-killer water. Now, how are they measuring that? Per liter? Is that for a grown man or an infant, that science the Department of Health is hurling around? But wait, isn’t Western Medicine science based too? This is some crazy science. So the EPA and the Department of Health put toxic fertilizer waste byproduct in the water to strengthen teeth, and people are drinking this at wildly different amounts including their babies and children, but somehow somewhere they’ve come up with a regulation suggested amount of .7 milligrams. To boot, there’s nary a human being who knows this anyway, so the bogus measurement wouldn’t matter if it was real. But people are on too much fluoride-water to figure it out, so it all works out for the government. You stay stupid and pay taxes for war that politicians profit madly from, all while you get sick and buy medicine with your other money that makes you sicker so they can profit from investing in Big Pharma drug manufacturers and steal oil from foreign countries we invade and occupy.

What does the CDC have to say about all this madness, you ask? They have called fluoride-based pesticide water “One of the great public health achievements of the 20th century…”

Now, the important part is to always eat GM-Obama food with your pesticide water. GM-Obama food is genetically modified to contain weed-killer and is sprayed with up to ten times the amounts of RoundUp because many superweeds have become immune to the herbicide. As you consume GM food and drink fluoridated water together, a chemical reaction happens in your body. This reaction dissolves and destroys nutrients, and the body is left to fight infection, bacteria and virus without any fuel or weapons, like spring water, organic food and organic minerals. Your body becomes overwhelmed by free radicals. Plus, nearly all conventional food crops are grown with fluoride-laced water, then sprayed with more fluoride.

Ethan Huff reported this for Natural News back in 2012:

“The average American today is exposed to a whole lot more fluoride than he or she is probably aware. Conventional produce, it turns out, is one of the most prevalent sources of fluoride exposure besides fluoridated water, as conventional crops are not only irrigated with fluoride-laced water in many cases, but also sprayed with pesticide and herbicide chemicals that have been blended with fluoride, and later processed once again with fluoridated water.”

70% of US water supply contains fluoride-based pesticide

There’s a deadly agenda alive and well in America that’s been running the gamut for nearly three-fourths of a century, and began way back in 1945, in a city called Grand Rapids, Michigan. That was just a few years after Hitler gave fluoridated water to the Jews in the concentration camps to keep them weak so they couldn’t rebel. See how fast fluoride went from Nazi use to USA use? Do you see that. This is the crux, my friends. This is where it all really went south for Americans and their overall health. This was the beginning of an evil fulcrum that would serve as a major contributing factor to cancer, Alzheimer’s, fractured hip bones of the elderly, calcification of the pineal gland (third eye in middle of your brain), arthritis, chronic inflammation and yes, dehydration!

When you drink fluoridated water, you do not get hydrated, rather, you get DEHYDRATED MORE. Have you ever thought about that. If you have indoor plants in your home and you water them with tap water, over time you will notice there is a white powder-like thick film on the top of the soil, sometimes near the edges of the plant pot more so. This is the fluoride and no bugs can survive in it. It’s pesticide. It’s insecticide. It also kills your good bacteria in your gut, ruining immunity. Hitler knew this. His scientists knew it. Those scientists went to work for US pharmaceutical manufacturers just out of prison 4 to 7 years after WWII. Follow the bouncing ball.

Fluoride-pushing doctors and dentists, for the most part, don’t know this, because they have been brainwashed by the ADA, AMA, CDC and so forth from “jump street.” Their medical degrees include going to classes where the text books were written by the pharmaceutical industry and the hack scientists who pass along this insidious agenda of fluoridating tap water. It’s a clever lie and the medical schools answer to the elite politicians who run Washington DC and the rest of the country that knows no better.

Fluorisilicic Acid is NOT a naturally occurring mineral in the water

The chemical product the US is putting in tap water is often purchased from chemical plants in China, probably because it’s the cheapest way to get it in the world. Fluoride is only good for the teeth if it’s the natural mineral fluoride and you swish it around in your mouth as a rinse, then spit it out. The imported cocktail is a mix of over 100 deadly industrial chemicals and heavy metals, purchased in bulk from industrial processing plants and labeled as “sodium fluoride.”

As the Health Ranger constantly reminds us on Natural, there is – – “No such thing as a “low” level of fluoride or an “optimum” level of fluoride in drinking water. Pure drinking water should contain NO fluoride whatsoever.”

Industry manufacturers of sodium fluoride label it with stern safety warnings of severe harm to humans. Canada and Australia also partake of this wondrous insecticide and drug in their water. Yunnan Co. Ltd and Shanghai Polymet Commodities might ring a bell for some of these transactions between China and the USA, Australia and Canada. Only top level politicians are privy to this information, and when they swear in a new US President, you can bet within days or weeks they are informed of all the major health detriments at play in “the system” that keeps people sick and politicians rich.

Sodium fluoride, you should also know, is used to manufacture effervescing steel and for smelting metals. It’s used as an adhesive preservative too. Can you imagine what it does to human tissue, and cells and the digestive process. Do you understand now how it lowers IQ? It’s like huffing glue every day of your shortened, sickened life. It’s highly corrosive to human skin and harmful to respiratory organs.


Children who drink tap water of this nature have decreased cognitive function. According to research published in Environmental Health Perspectives (an NIEHS publication), over 500 children between ages of 8 and 13 were given various degrees of fluoride exposure in a Chinese village. Scientists eliminated other variables like lead exposure. It was found that the kids with high doses of fluoride scored so low on tests they were at levels of the mentally retarded.

Watch “The Fluoride Deception” by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger for free; just click here:

To see if YOUR water in YOUR TOWN is fluoridated and contains POISON, click here:

Are you still considering drinking tap water? Think again.

Want to check out the best water filter that needs no electricity? Check out the Big Berkey with fluoride filters!

Sources for this research:

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Avoiding Disease “Shedders” – – Popular pharmaceutical “Stelara” warns you to stay away from recently vaccinated people – Don’t you wonder why?

bad pill

Stelara drug manufacturers warn users to avoid people recently vaccinated for POLIO or INFLUENZA because the chemical-made pharmaceutical can compromise your immunity and people who have been recently vaccinated against disease (carry and can) “shed” that live virus that is inside of them to the Stelara drug taker during the first few weeks following their vaccination. This is not some simple side effect or rare case either. This is very serious. Consider the implications. Keep reading.

Even if you rarely ever watch television, you’ve seen or heard some of the idiot-brewing commercials by Big Pharma drugs that seem to address every problem in the world, but create every other problem with crazy side effects. You could be in your kitchen and still hear the insane list of side effects during the Stelara commercial recently aired on major network televisions across the land. Commercials are louder so you can hear them from afar, and if you listen to the Stelara drug commercial, they tell you that “Live vaccines such as the polio and flu vaccine may interact with Stelara.” This my friends, is far more than a warning or some “side effect” someone else encountered, sued them for, and won. Think about this for a second. Stelara is an injection used to treat plaque psoriasis, but side effects include Stelara weakening your body’s ability to fight infections, and there is a risk of “severe” stomach pain and blood in your urine. What do you believe is happening to the bodies that are injected with this serum, and then subjected to OTHER people, like friends and family members, who have RECENTLY been injected with measles vaccine, chicken pox or even the FLU SHOT? These recently vaccinated humans are also called “shedders” because during the first few weeks, the virus is ALIVE inside their muscle tissue and blood, and if they cough, sneeze or share your drink after you took your Stelara, guess what? You see, formaldehyde is used in vaccines to WEAKEN the virus, and while one’s antibodies are supposed to be in emergency mode, shocked into action by the injection of genetically modified bacteria with viruses like measles, mumps, polio, swine flu, chicken pox and influenza, mixed with MSG, aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde, – – while all that is occurring, the live virus is feeding itself and multiplying.

“Live vaccines such as the polio and flu vaccine may interact with Stelara”

The “recommended dosage” of Stelara is either 45 mg or 90 mg given on the first day, then four weeks later again, and every twelve weeks (once a season) after that. Then they tell you that if you’re pregnant, only take Stelara “if clearly needed” and to “exercise caution” if you are breastfeeding. So what then, look to see if your baby is foaming at the mouth or peeing blood? How does one “exercise caution” with Stelara? Ask every person in every room everywhere you go if they’ve received ANY kind of vaccine or flu shot in the last two weeks, and tell them that you’re just asking because your baby is breastfeeding and you just took your Stelara inoculation and you and your baby may be very susceptible to catching whatever it is they were recently injected with, which is supposedly 100% safe and effective at preventing. Be sure to ask all people everywhere and clarify, so that if your child dies from an infectious disease someone around him/her was injected with, you can tell the vaccine court that you “exercised caution,” just like the good people at Stelara told you to on the commercial and printed (vaccine) insert.

The vaccine industry would have you believe that when you get any injection, your are immediately immune to that disease. This is a flat out lie. Stelara, also known as “Ustekinumab” warns you repeatedly on their website:

This is a summary and does NOT have all possible information about this product. This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you.”


They also tell you that “Many people using this medication do not have serious side effects.” Great – define “many” please. That could also mean that many DO HAVE serious side effects, if the definition of many is “more than a few.” Oh, but there’s more! Stelara may cause a rare and SOMETIMES FATAL “condition” called RPLS, which stands for reversible posterior leuko-encephalopathy syndrome. Shortly after that comes the warning about seizures and confusion. Remember, the problem being addressed with all this is a SKIN CONDITION. The child is now having seizures, blood in the urine and is highly susceptible to infectious disease from all those vaccinated people around him/her, is suffering from confusion and probably auto-immune disorder. But still, discuss the “benefits of treatment with your doctor.” Did we forget to mention unexplained weight loss? If it’s a side effect of a dangerous medication, then its not really “unexplained” is it?

Remember what was just covered here. Stelara may cause a rare and sometimes fatal condition. This is supposed to be medicine. Imagine if some herbalist was selling food to all the doctors that covered up some symptoms of psoriasis but sometimes caused a fatal condition – – the FDA would jump in immediately and shut the whole business down, yet people still consider taking the medications they hear about on TV. This is probably YOU right now, and not because you’re not smart, but because you fell for a huge scam.

Get this straight now. Investigative Journalists and Reporters for Natural News are looking out for your best interest. The website was founded to help people seek out their own health freedom. If you ARE one of the millions of people who is knowingly accepting the chances of horrific side effects with some medication created to cover up pain temporarily as the trade off, think again. Call a naturopathic physician and start asking questions from this article. Call a nutritionist and ask them a few more questions about this article. Why do you think this article was written? Your own education about your own body is paramount, and nobody knows better about how you feel than you do. How do you feel right now?

By tracking Natural Health News from around the world, it’s getting easier to seek out the best advice and filter out the pharma trolls.

Want to “fix” your psoriasis and arthritis? Stop ingesting common poisons found in your food, drinks, water, medicine, candy, gum, cosmetics, lotions, hairspray, soap, toothpaste and more. Find out from the “Don’t Eat Cancer” world how, when you eliminate chemicals posing as food from your daily intake, many health problems just dissipate and go away. Arthritis is catapulted by inflammation, and GMO is pesticide food that causes inflammation. I bet you didn’t know that. Stelara is a lab-made drug and not something that grows in nature. It is NOT NATURAL. It certainly isn’t organic. What is it – do you even know, or do you just want your “pain to go away?” Are you constantly itching, or do your joints constantly hurt? Which is it, because doctors are cross-prescribing drugs that don’t even address your problems, much less cure them. MDs are slinging prescriptions like crack cocaine dealers on the metro street corners. They can’t be sued because Big Pharma protects them, that’s why Big Pharma lists all the insane side-effects – – so they can tell you “I told you so.” Get it?

Many MDs who learn the truth about what they’re “slinging” will switch to Naturopathy because they feel guilty and ethically impure just prescribing and off-prescribing and “forgetting” to inform their patients of all the insane side effect these commercialized lab-made drugs recklessly wield. However, the reason many MDs won’t and don’t switch to Naturopathy is because, many times, they will go from making $300k to $450k per year down to $100k or maybe $150k as a Naturopathic Physician. They won’t get all those “spiffs” from Big Pharma either, like front row seats at the pro baseball game, or that cruise vacation all expenses paid. They won’t get that timeshare condo and they won’t get cash under the table. So, in turn, if these MDs already live an extravagant lifestyle and they’re in debt up to their eyeballs, then sometimes they feel they CAN’T switch over to the real health world, where nutrition is key and chemical medicines go out the window into the dumpster. MDs that have a three-story house in the suburbs of some metropolitan city, a swimming pool, three fancy cars, two jet skis and a second home, well, they’re just gonna keep on slingin’ that Stelara crack, cause it’s keeps them afloat. But the guilt can weigh in quite heavy, and that’s why you see some suicide cases where MDs and dentists alike just can’t handle the unhappiness of knowing they’re not helping people with these Big Pharma drugs, chemo, radiation and the like.

Big Pharma’s ultimate goal: Get rid of a few symptoms and create many new and more serious problems

In conclusion, remember that all they claim to be doing is saving you from the SYMPTOMS of psoriasis or arthritis. Plus, the random schedule for medicating with Stelara doesn’t even make sense, it’s just to give the impression they’ve figured something out and that the drug might save you from the symptoms of psoriasis or arthritis. Just take a look for yourself at the links provided in this article. Most skin conditions, rashes, allergies and reactions originate from toxic food consumption, toxic personal care products put on the skin, and a toxic environment around the “victim.” Be sure to tell your Naturopathic Physician if you feel you are being “suicided” by Big Pharma and that you desire a way to live without these dangerous chemicals that have not been tested for safety and have worse side effects than the condition be treated, as they admit on the insert. Stelara warns you on their website, “This information does not assure that this product is safe, effective, or appropriate for you.” Maybe that’s because the FDA, the CDC and the AMA know that it’s not and they don’t care. Fast-track drug approval by the FDA is all about the money, and one thing Big Pharma does have is money.

Your Ultimate Goal


We all want to learn and grow every day. By studying what’s going into your body on a regular basis, you can make distinctions between that which is from this earth, meaning organic and pure, and that which is manmade, mixed with chemicals and things that were never meant to be ingested, injected, applied or infused (GMO). Remember one thing for the rest of your life, if it’s not organic, you shouldn’t be eating it, drinking it or putting it on your skin. Sure, you’ll have certain times when that’s next to impossible, but for the most part, you can do it. Your body has a phenomenal built-in filtering system so it can handle a few toxins here and there, but you simply cannot bombard your system over and over, day after day, with these conventional and GMO toxins so popular today. This is public information and well researched. As a health investigator and journalist, the Natural News Tracker is looking out for everyone possible as often as possible and in the most practical ways. Keep tuning in, learning and seeking out your own ideal health. That, my friends, is the ultimate goal. Then you can share what you know and what you experience, and make the world a better place. Say no to chemical drugs and yes to organic. Here’s a start.

Sources for this article include:

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He wondered, “What if I could quit cigarettes right now”

Originally posted on "Stop Smoking King" Teaches Organic Method:


Ending any addiction seems impossible if you’re “down in it.” The beauty is you can look back one day and see what you overcame. Some of us beat all odds to stay alive, and some of us look back, realize, and then go on to thrive. Once upon a time there was a man who smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, and he even smoked when he was taking a shower. You can’t make this up. He was selling home purification systems to people so if they had allergies or asthma, they could clean the air, carpet and wood floors of their homes with this amazing machine called a Rainbow. It was rather ironic that he sold these systems even though he was a smoker. People didn’t care. When they saw the demo, they bought the rainbow. One day, he was offered, for free, to learn an organic way…

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Nazi scientists invented chemotherapy, which causes cancer itself

Originally posted on World Health News Update:


During the Holocaust, six million Jews died from being shot in the head, fed chemicals and/or gassed to death. Each year in America, one million and five hundred thousand people are diagnosed with cancer and half of those die from a disease caused by those SAME CHEMICALS they are being “medicated” with. Think about THAT for the rest of your life.

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“Jaded Absurdity” coming soon to Texas – Let’s just examine closely what the military “says” it’s doing from mid-July to mid-September – none of which makes sense

jaded no (2)

Here’s a quote from Daily Mail we all need to consider regarding the Jade Helm 15 military drills about to occur this summer in a handful of “hostile” US Southwest States:

“Reportedly, the scenario for the exercise from July to September is that US special forces – posing as civilians – are sent into an enemy country and have to work with rebel underground fighters there.”

Okay, so let me get this straight. You’ve got special forces guys (and gals) and Navy seals walking around in fatigues, maybe just camo’ pants and a civilian-style t-shirt, and they might be carrying weapons, but those weapons, according to the military, will not have ammunition (they’ll just be able to fire blanks in other words), and they NEED this practice drill of at least sixty days AND NIGHTS to casually hang out in towns, cities, suburbs and on private (with permission they say) and public farms to PRETEND they have been sent into a hostile enemy country and have to somehow covertly find and meet with REBEL UNDERGROUND FIGHTERS … to act out what? That somehow the movie “Red Dawn” comes true and some other country air-drops thousands of troops in the middle of Texas or California and tries to take over the whole state, and this way OUR troops will be ready to join forces with the “underground” movement that’s already underway and organized, to over throw the sudden new rule? Meanwhile, it’s supposedly sold to Americans because it’s going to be good economically for the city or town they’re in if they buy fifty pounds of potatoes and a bunch of batteries at the general store!

So how does this ominous, auspicious, insidious plan to practice martial law in US cities, towns and on farms play out in the health world? It plays out big time. That’s how. Think about this. If the Government has to hoodwink the public every time they introduce something new that’s toxic or dangerous for us, but makes them money and gives them more control, then of course everything you see advertised by major corporations is smoke and mirrors too. There’s always a “bigger picture” to consider, so Jade Helm is kind of like GMO. Stay with me here.

Unlabeled is GMO in America right now. Pesticide-laden food has NO warning label and looks just like the other food around it. It blends in. One of health enthusiasts biggest concerns today is food safety. We want to know when GMO is even possibly in our food and we filter whenever possible. We know its health detriment. We scream for labeling laws and rights. Same goes for the military. We want to know if they are trying to control a city. That’s the Sheriff’s job, to protect the city, and the citizens. The feds have no right and the military has no right to walk around toting weapons, with or without bullets, and wearing fatigue pants and a regular t-shirt and acting suspicious in towns, on farms, in metropolitan cities – this is worse than martial law because these special forces and navy seals are supposed to act like some wartime stuff is going on, sneaking around the borders of people’s property, picking up “supply” packages, maybe at all the CLOSED WALMARTS and even practicing “detaining” citizens to talk about re-education, which is very close to what the Nazi’s practiced and the SS right before WWII and during.


First the Nazi’s had people register their guns, like all Jews. Then they came knocking and took those guns at gunpoint. They then put the Jews on trains and took them to concentration camps which coincidentally were called Re-Education Camps, where those people were indoctrinated with elitist thought control and fed toxic food (or no food at all) and fluoridated water. People were taken away, like kids, and experimented on. Could Jade Helm turn into this? What if they decide to STAY after the two month drill is supposed to be over? Won’t it be harder to get them out once they’ve sunk in and OCCUPIED the state, town, cities and farms, including some private land?

Now we are talking about a health crisis, aren’t we, if that happened. NDAA, that Obama put into place, says the troops can seize your food and take shelter in your home if needed to fight terrorism. Isn’t that what this practice is practicing, if terrorism strikes then “The Man” must be in your yard eating your food to save you from them?

Remember what they said; “US special forces – posing as civilians – are sent into an enemy country and have to work with rebel underground fighters there.”

Six million Jews died in the holocaust. They had no weapons, no food, no rights and nary a one had a way to escape. It’s well documented. They can’t “memory-hole” or “black-hole” the holocaust. But it could happen again. So what if it takes longer or comes on slower, it could happen again. Do we let military act crazy in our towns, around our homes, yards and stores we shop at, as if they need imagination to play out roles of combat readiness without any say, agreement or contract with the PEOPLE?


We have a right to know if Martial Law takes “covert” effect July 15th. This will be going on for 60 days, more, or permanently if “they” say so, right? You know, organic farmers across America are harassed all the time by feds, who like to destroy people who make a difference in the milk industry by selling raw. Organic stores are raided by feds and ruined, forever. The DEA raids people selling medical marijuana that have legitimate licenses by their state, just to hassle them and ruin their lives. It’s a control thing, and the American government is dictating all the next chess moves, deep into YOUR territory. You could turn your “back” and you might be in checkmate fast. What if there’s a financial meltdown during this “Jaded” invasion?

What if they play out a “terrorist moment” near the Kmart you live by or near your kid’s school? Everybody driving down the road will think there’s something really bad and major going on. That’s very stressful. Until the media works it all out, nobody knows if it’s real or fake, except of course, the feds and their militia, including the police dispatch they said they’ll inform ahead of time. Good for them.

People, your health and safety could be at stake, not to mention the Constitution and all your civil liberties. What exactly is going on with the jaded invasion and why are they saying they’re just pretending that they are “sent into an enemy country and have to work with rebel underground fighters there,” that just seems insane.

Jade Helm Absurdity Continues in Play Out Mode

So they (special forces and navy seals) walk around town by day, get coffee and Starbucks and a sandwich at Panera, and then what? Tote some unloaded weapons around and then what if something really happens? You think these special forces guys are gonna walk around Texas without loaded weapons?? You got to be kidding me. They wouldn’t dare. What if some landowners see them snooping in units and little gangs just outside the perimeter of their farms, and their dogs are going crazy, and you hear a few military helicopters and see some drones cruise by to visit the local Walmart Super TRAINING and RE-EDUCATION camp stores, and what if these landowners start shooting at these scheming outsiders who look like militia from a different country, at night!

Now remember, these special forces guys are pretending to be meeting rebel underground fighters. So this must mean the rebels are getting ready to try to overthrow the government, and our guys are playing make believe, gathering supplies, weapons and scurrying around all covertly, but still mixing in with civilians by day and looking pretty normal. Sure. Whatever. I got two words for you … staged … events. Whatever happens, it’s probably planned out well by them. Stay tuned to Natural News Radio. Know your rights.

Here’s their mission statement one last time, just for S&G’s:

“Reportedly, the scenario for the exercise from July to September is that US special forces – posing as civilians – are sent into an enemy country and have to work with rebel underground fighters there.”

Don’t be stupid. Protect your land, your rights, your kids and your food. Protect your organic medicine and your right to free speech and free press. The Natural News Tracker is keeping up with the facade and reporting real news in nearly real time. Here, on planet earth, we health enthusiasts like the whole truth and nothing but the whole truth, just like we like our whole food, that’s organic and “untainted” by “The man.”


Keep a sustainable environment and be smart. This is the age of enlightenment. Don’t let the news and the staged events “bring you down.” This has been a public service announcement.

– – Natural News Tracker

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HEMP IN THE NEWS: Why hemp is illegal to grow in most of the United States – it would undermine too many corporate industry monopolies

hemp car

Hemp prohibition actually has NOTHING to do with drugs. Industrial hemp has no value for drug use. There is a DNA distinction between hemp and marijuana. To the untrained eye, hemp resembles marijuana; however, the distinction can be made through certified seeds and licensing. It’s rather simple. In North Dakota, with a permit from the DEA and a criminal background check, farmers can now legally grow industrial hemp. Of course, with proper licensing and all locations disclosed. Hemp has thousands of uses and could be turned into 25,000 products that are already in use today, but that aren’t all biodegradable. That’s the biggest difference. One of those uses being hemp-crete (like concrete blocks). Who knew? In fact, one acre of hemp can produce four times more paper than an acre of trees. Hemp can be recycled up to seven times. It can be used for clothes, soap, cheese, and even to make houses. While it takes 25 – 50 years to grow one tree, hemp only needs 100 days (that’s one season) to grow before it’s ready to be harvested. Hemp takes little to no effort to grow so it could be grown in all 50 US states.

The natural oil from the plant, naturally called hemp seed oil, is medically beneficial and THAT is legal in the US right now to purchase. Antioxidants in the plant’s oil prevent Alzheimer’s and cancer. Rub it on skin cancer and guess what? Drink it and you get even more protection. It’s rich in minerals like potassium and contains Omega-3 fatty acid – – and that PREVENTS heart disease. Heart disease is at the top for most frequent deaths inside the United States. This will save millions of lives in the long run.

Plus, using hemp BENEFITS the environment by reducing the number of trees we chop down. Cutting down trees ruins safe homes for animals and causes soil erosion. Hemp takes less chemicals to treat it to make paper and that means less pollution. Hemp is being used internationally within places like Canada, Europe, China, Russia and India. Why not in the USA? Because in 1937 the US banned marijuana, since it comes from the same plant as hemp – Cannabis. In Canada, any hemp that contains more than .3% THC switches from hemp classification to marijuana classification. It’s that simple. Most hemp has very little THC, while marijuana has a lot. So why won’t the U.S. Government just “fess up” and say they were wrong, and fix the law? Again, it would undermine industrial monopolies, including the power grids, the clothing industry, the home-building industry, food, medicine, and yes, fuel. Did you know Henry Ford’s first car was made of hemp?

Okay, new question then. So why not just legalize hemp and tax it? They do it for alcohol and tobacco products. Are politicians so cruel that they’ll intentionally screw up the economy, environment and people’s health all for a cool million dollars or two? Try a billion or two. GMO is big money, just ask Monsanto. Big Food (processed and dead food) causes cancer and diabetes, and those are HUGE industries in America, making oncologists and surgeons rich, not to mention the wealthiest 1% who invest in hospital chronic care equipment, machines, drugs and chemotherapy stock.

hemp field one

All the buzz is about legalizing medical marijuana, and that’s great, but let’s focus on something HUGE here, the elephant in the room, and that is that there’s NO HEMP GROWING in America. This is a problem. Wake up.

Cannabis has created a very exciting and profitable new industry for the US economy. However, it is also highly scrutinized and presents many business challenges on a number of levels,” said Dan Humiston, president of ICA, at the Regulatory (Cannabis/Hemp) Summit in New York. (

Representatives Ron Paul (R-TX) and Barney Frank (D-MA) INTRODUCE HEMP FARMING LEGISLATION – HR 1866

Believe it or not, a federal bill in Washington DC was introduced to remove restrictions on the cultivation on NON-PSYCHOACTIVE industrial hemp. Ron Paul had this to say about the US federal government, and this is why he should be the next president: “It is unfortunate that the federal government has stood in the way of American farmers, including many who are struggling to make ends meet, from competing in the global industrial hemp market,” said Representative Ron Paul during his introduction of the bill yesterday before the U.S. House. “Indeed, the founders of our nation, some of whom grew hemp, would surely find that federal restrictions on farmers growing a safe and profitable crop on their own land are inconsistent with the constitutional guarantee of a limited, restrained federal government. Therefore, I urge my colleagues to stand up for American farmers and co-sponsor the Industrial Hemp Farming Act.”

And “Vote Hemp” President Eric Steenstra says:

“With so much discussion lately in the media about drug policy, it is surprising that the tragedy of American hemp farming hasn’t come up as a ‘no-brainer’ for reform. Hemp is a versatile, environmentally-friendly crop that has not been grown here for over fifty years because of a politicized interpretation of the nation’s drug laws by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). President Obama should direct the DEA to stop confusing industrial hemp with its genetically distinct cousin, marijuana. While the new bill in Congress is a welcome step, the hemp industry is hopeful that President Obama’s administration will prioritize hemp’s benefits to farmers. Jobs would be created overnight, as there are numerous U.S. companies that now have no choice but to import hemp raw materials worth many millions of dollars per year.”

Some U.S. companies already manufacture or sell products made with hemp, like Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps and the Indiana company – FlexForm Technologies’ – cars that total over two million on the road today. Sixteen states have passed pro-hemp legislation. Some states have removed barriers to production, like North Dakota, West Virginia, Maryland, Kentucky and Hawaii. Let’s remove ALL federal barriers asap! California is quickly approaching the point of legalizing industrial hemp farming. With the massive water drought now causing health and environmental detriment, now would be a great time to legalize hemp, which takes way less water to cultivate than trees and factories making all the products hemp could serve use for instead.

The long and strong fibers of hemp require less energy to manufacture than petroleum-based plastics. BMW and Ford cars manufacturers have both supported this sensible solution to costs and protecting the environment. If hemp were available domestically, it would be such a HUGE difference in everything.

Hemp would undermine the cotton industry as a whole, which is worth over $600 million a year. You could use half the irrigation of water and half the nitrogen fertilizer, and grow it all in half the time even Biotech’s RoundUp cotton takes. Ooops! Let the “cat out of the bag” on that. Less herbicides, pesticides and other ag-chems for California state! Let’s do it. Voters wake up. New healthy food and cosmetics for the whole USA.

Still, Americans are mentally challenged when it comes to voting for the right things because they’re living in a fog from drinking fluoridated water, eating GMO and injecting toxic mercury, aluminum and formaldehyde into their muscle tissue yearly (flu shots and unnecessary vaccinations for measles and the like).

All you see on TV is violence, school shootings, gangs, protests broken up and violated by rogue police dressed as military martial law clones with gas and clubs, beating people to death for speaking out against just about anything, whether it be murderous police departments, the right to bear arms, the right to publish opinions of their own government or the right to protest about the rights to their own bodies.


Dr. Leonard Coldwell says hemp seed oil cures cancer. Keep reading.

“Dr. Leonard Coldwell is in the opinion of countless experts, the world’s leading authority for Natural Cancer cures, Stress-Related Illness and Burnout Syndrome. He is the most successful motivational self-help education system trainer of our time. Discovering his gifts at a very early age, he single-handedly cured his own mother of Hepatitis C, Liver Cirrhosis, and Liver Cancer, she had been given a diagnosis of a terminal state and a prognosis of only 6 months to live. Today, 43 years later, she is still alive and healthy! Throughout Dr. Coldwell’s successful career, he has to date, cured over 35,000 cancer patients (studies have concluded that he has a 92.3% cancer cure rate).”

Source: (


The US Government. They just keep “hustling us.” They just keep holding us back. It’s time we made a stand. Watch what you purchase. Don’t buy useless things and don’t buy products that aren’t biodegradable. Support and contribute to the environment. Make yours better. It’s all of ours. Don’t get hustled by the crooked government. If and when they legalize growing hemp in your town, city or state, support your local farmers who do. Let’s look at the reasons why and vote accordingly.

A famous civil rights leader named Mahatma Gandhi once wrote, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

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In New York – – Senator Savino To Lead Medical Marijuana Regulatory Summit – Learn more here:

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