Wikipedia, National Geographic and WebMD are manuipulating news and information!

webmd lies

According to Natural News, after blowing the lid recently on National Geographic‘s shameless endorsements for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and vaccines, we decided to pick up the latest issue of National Geographic to see who’s funding the magazine these days. Perhaps not surprisingly, nearly every ad was for pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, GMOs or crop chemicals.

The May 2015 issue of National Geographic opens up with an ad on page six for “K9 Advantix II,” a flea, tick and mosquito drug for dogs that’s manufactured by Bayer Healthcare LLC. This particular product, which contains dangerous pesticides like permethrin, was exposed by Scientific American in 2010 for causing serious side effects in dogs, including rashes, vomiting, diarrhea and seizures.

On the very next page of National Geographic, a 10-page spread promoting genetically modified (GM) crops manufactured by Cargill poses as an in-depth article about “The Future of Food.” Rehashing the myth that GMOs are needed to feed the world’s growing population, this blatant biotech promotion piece is filled with lies about how GM soybeans are helping to protect against rainforest deforestation.

“Cargill is helping transport these (GM) crops to create a food-secure world,” reads the GMO puff piece.

For more information, log onto:

Wikipedia has had issues with the quality of writing, site vandalism, and the accuracy of information. The media has covered many scandals related to Wikipedia and the Wikimedia Foundation.

Inaccurate and false information and what is perceived to be a hostile editing climate have been said to have caused a decline in editor participation.

An alternative medicine non-profit called the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology (ACEP) began a petition on “Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia: Create and enforce new policies that allow for true scientific discourse about holistic approaches to healing.”

In mid-January of 2014, the petition reached 7,000 signatures. Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales responded to the request, “No, you have to be kidding me. Every single person who signed this petition needs to go back to check their premises and think harder about what it means to be honest, factual, truthful.

“Wikipedia’s policies around this kind of thing are exactly spot-on and correct. If you can get your work published in respectable scientific journals – that is to say, if you can produce evidence through replicable scientific experiments, then Wikipedia will cover it appropriately.

“What we won’t do is pretend that the work of lunatic charlatans is the equivalent of ‘true scientific discourse.’ It isn’t.”

Learn more:

Ethan Huff reported at Natural News “that WebMD had been contracted to receive $126,826 in taxpayer funds for each single 5,000-word review article it posted on scientific advances in a specific clinical topic. The site also received nearly $70,000 for a single four-minute video it posted from an opinion specialist. And an astounding $140,000 was awarded for a single eight-question online quiz posted to the site.”

”Anyone who relies on WebMD for impartial information needs to understand this story,” said Thomas Lifson of American Thinker. “I think the website made a colossal mistake, sacrificing its credibility. It has now harnessed itself to the most unpopular healthcare measure in American history.”

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about how Wikipedia, National Geographic and WebMD are manipulating news and information, one can easily log onto:

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The Allopathic Brainwash: Vaccines for Infectious Diseases, “Everything’s genetic” and “Humans are born weak and without an immune system”

polio 2

The powerful yet insidious US allopathic brainwash starts with the propaganda of scary pictures of kids dying from the worst case scenarios of infectious diseases, from the crippled children of polio to leper-looking cases of small pox. The scary pictures are always where the miseducation takes root, literally scaring people to death about germs, bacteria and viruses to the point that you are willing to inject those very germs, bacteria and viruses into muscle tissue to “build immunity” – all because you believe humans are born extremely weak and in need of chemical jabs and yearly “boosters,” not to mention antibiotics that kill all your bacteria in your gut, which is destroying your biological “seat” of immunity. Antibiotics and chemotherapy are like nails in the coffin of bad health – they can really finish you off. Still, the MDs will tell you all your health problems are inherited by tricking you with the use of the word “genetic.” That’s why they always want your COMPLETE family history of medicine and health problems, so you have to accept that you too are “weak” and in need of antibiotics, mercury, radiation and chemotherapy in order to even have a chance at a decent lifespan. This is the great con. This is the great coercion. The fear-driven plot starts with pictures of dying kids, to scare you into ALL of this. This is Big Pharma.

small pox hype

The Vaccine Racket

Oh, the Big Pharma and Vaccine Racket is a “Prism!” Yes, Snowden revealed how the government SPIES on all Americans all day and night, 24/7, via the NSA Prism, but Natural News Editor in Chief Mike Adams reveals the VACCINE PRISM – a detailed map of how the vaccine industry really works, who they payoff, who they have “in their pockets” and the regulatory agencies behind the scenes, working hard to keep us all sick and stupid, buying medicine that leads to health detriment and the spread of disease, even the preventable ones. This includes the whole cover-up of vaccine damaged children and just HOW MUCH MONEY the secretive vaccine court has dished out in settlements to all these parents of vaccine-injured or even dead children. Talk about scary pictures! These kids have lesions and disfigurations from vaccines. See how the system is at work right now to destroy your health and all rational reasoning to go along with it. It’s an allopathic infographic by one of the greatest health pioneers of our time, the Health Ranger at Natural News …


The comedian Jimmy Kimmel uses these vaccine-damaged children as material for his comedy routine. This is no joke. Take a glance at this too:

polio kid

The “Everything’s Inherited” Brainwash Racket

If a physician were to tell you that your skin rash on your arm is inherited from your mother’s side, but you remember that you just got some grease from your car on your skin in the exact spot of your rash yesterday, would you still take the prescription medicine that doctor gives you for your arm rash? If that same doctor told you that you also better take some antibiotics, in case the rash is from some bacteria, you can kill that bacteria before it spreads, would you also take the antibiotics? Remember now, that doctor read your medical history chart, so he/she knows what’s best for you, as far as chemical medicine that can treat any symptoms of skin, digestive or brain infections. That doctor went to eight years of medical school and read hundreds of books to be able to prescribe multiple chemical medications that won’t overdose you by accident. That MD who reads peer reviewed magazines and used to endorse cigarettes as healthy, he/she is telling you that your body is weak, and that you need to be extra careful in this world full of germs, bacteria and viruses, and take all your prescriptions, the whole vaccine schedule, flu shots yearly, booster shots for measles outbreaks around you, and chemotherapy when you get cancer, because he/she knows at this rate, YOU are bound to get it, if heart disease, failed kidneys, strokes or Alzheimer’s doesn’t get you first!

Fear is big business. Don’t forget. Everything’s inherited, including the rash you get from chemicals you touch. “Everything’s genetic” including the fast food hamburgers, French fries and hot dogs you eat that cause heart disease. You see, “everything’s inherited,” including cancer that’s not contagious but that’s really caused by consuming food chemicals, taking toxic vaccines, drinking fluoridated water and getting chemotherapy. It’s all genetic because it all has to do with our cells and our genetic make-up, right? Be very afraid! – of the MD’s advice that is.

The Antibiotics Racket

measles case

No natural health enthusiast in the world denies the fact that antibiotics can save your life. The massive problem that exists today, especially in the USA, is that antibiotics are massively overused AND abused by several industries, not just the medical field. Antibiotics are found in nearly overdosing amounts in most feed animals across the nation in all the confined animal feeding operations. These animals would otherwise DIE from bacterial infections from breeding and eating in warehouses full of their own feces and urine, not to mention among other dying animals. These animals (including fish) are shot full of antibiotics to stave off infection before they are inhumanely slaughtered, drained and processed for the fast food and corporate chain store restaurants across the country and world. The humans who eat this meat are getting overdoses of antibiotics, and then urinating in toilets that go through water plants that CANNOT filter out antibiotics.

Those same humans drink from their tap at home, at the office, and at restaurants, and get MORE antibiotics. When those same humans get sick, they go to allopathic fanatics who, when they see symptoms of toxic food and medicine disorder – prescribe ANTIBIOTICS, which kill the human’s good bacteria needed to fight other kinds of infections, including viruses and superbugs that are IMMUNE to antibiotics. Then, in the final stages of the Western Medicine RACKET, chemotherapy is recommended to those humans who “genetically” got cancer from overdosing on chemical food and chemical medicine, including antibiotics and vaccines, but the doctor may not even know anything about all of this. He/she is trained to juggle prescriptions for covering symptoms. He/she is just a pawn in the allopathic racket. The allopathic prism has been revealed!

The Chemotherapy Racket, Brainwash and Gunpoint Medicine


Don’t knock chemotherapy, right? Someone you know right now might be on it. You wouldn’t want to upset them, would you? Don’t talk bad about something horrible that’s happening in the medical industry, because it might upset that sick person, who’s immunity is being FURTHER destroyed by chemical medicine. Cancer is a disorder of the cells, actually, and not a disease at all. It’s classified as disease to fool the public into believing there’s nothing they can do to reverse this disease, even though it’s a disorder of the cells. This “disorder” is caused by several factors, but mainly it starts with cells that cannot breathe. They are suffocating, in the same way you would if you were swimming in a pool of toxins all day. Chemotherapy is designed to kill all cells that are polluted with these toxins and are “out of control” and multiplying. This increases free radicals in the body, as does chemotherapy. Why on earth would any human ever consider taking medicine that increases free radicals, kills good bacteria in the gut, and ruins immunity in order to treat a disorder of the cells that is caused by consuming toxins that kill your good cells and warp your bad ones, making them attack your immune-compromised system?

The reason hundreds of thousands of Americans consider and take chemotherapy for cancer is because they are already severely brainwashed by the FDA and the CDC to believe their body is weak, in need of chemical medicine, since the day they were born. They all think cancer has been around like this for a thousand years, but they’re all too brain-fried by vaccines and fluoridated water to ever comprehend that they are being given THE CAUSE of their cell disorder as a MEDICINE by quack doctors in a quack country chock full of MDs that scribble prescriptions to cover the symptoms of ALLOPATHIC BRAINWASH DISEASE.

Remember, don’t be a conspiracy theorist, be a conspiracy recognizer! Use your brain and identify all the quacks, the cons, and the brainwash attempts by allopathic America to trick us into eating chemical food and taking chemical medicine. You deserve better than that, my friends. This is your Natural News Tracker and this has been a public service message.

Check out more Natural Health News and learn more Self-Reliance:

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National Geographic, WebMD and Wikipedia – three fraudulent “encyclopedia” style information presenters that are backed (and controlled) by Big Pharma and Biotech industries

columbus bad

Once upon a time, the American public used actual physical encyclopedias to look up trivia, facts and basic research topics for school papers and projects. Parents kept stacks of National Geographic magazines in the house, and many kids would read about animals and third world countries, cutting out pictures and making collages for creative presentations at school. Like we said … once upon a time. Now, if you want your children to be totally miseducated and believe that genetically modified food could somehow help the world, or that Christopher Columbus was a good man who discovered America, well then, have at it. Now, if you like home remedies you might be inclined to look stuff up in WebMD, but you will be reading about how chemicals posing as medicine might help you with your pain, but they won’t help you with your health problems. And if you want some definitions about natural solutions to health problems, and you try to look them up on Wikipedia, you will find lies, deceit and black holes where there should be natural solutions that have existed for millennia. Why? Big Pharma and Big Food own these entities. They are the main advertising revenue, they have paid shills (lying writers who pose as journalists) posting propaganda to convince people to take chemical drugs for their health problems, which mostly stem from eating food chemicals. Imagine that!

Natural News enthusiasts frequent Natural News and alternative news because they know the truth is there to be found. There is much research that is new, old, not-so-old, but never memory-holed or altered to suit some corporate agenda. This is the beauty of honest reporting and honest journalism in the name of an organic world we should all be able to enjoy, appreciate and sustain.

So, without further adieu, let’s “blow the lid” on the fraud that poses as “easy facts” but are really complicated lies and deceit. There are three major sources for this right now. Here’s coverage from Natural News and Natural News Tracker so you won’t be fooled by the mainstream versions of “encyclopedias” and “nature” and “home medicine” resources that are NOT doing anything in the best interest of the public, but rather trying to fool everyone into believing in hoaxes that pad the pockets of the insidious and elite criminal rackets that run this kind of media.

“After blowing the lid recently on National Geographic’s shameless endorsements for genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and vaccines, we decided to pick up the latest issue of National Geographic to see who’s funding the magazine these days. Perhaps not surprisingly, nearly every ad was for pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, GMOs or crop chemicals.”


Sources that reveal the fraud of the internet “encyclopedias”

TruthWiki’s definition of Wikipedia:

Natural News Tracker reveals the fraud of WebMD:

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World Wide March Against Monsanto a HUGE SUCCESS, despite complete mass media blackout

kids at monsanto march

“If you walk for a cure, march against the cause” – says one sign at the World Famous March Against Monsanto that took place all over world yesterday! The reason you missed coverage on TV is because there was none. Live coverage of one of the world’s largest protests ever would be the cardinal sin for TV, as most of their revenue comes from Big Food and Big Pharma, the corporations that drive the toxic food and toxic medicine trauma felt by a “free country” that’s sick, diseased and dying from GMO. With almost NO food safety regulations and no regards paid to environmental detriment and destruction, Monsanto moves forward with their Frankencrop agenda, but so does the Anti-Monsanto organic world. Every person in the organic world knows that inserting weed killer and bug killer inside seeds of our crops is cancerous blight on mankind, but the mass media tells a different story, simply by NOT covering this massive event at all, or maybe not until it’s over and they can play it all down just to show they “saw something” happening somewhere, then its back to Justin Bieber, Fritos, hot dogs, apple pie and “All New” car advertisements.

Seeds, Insecticides and Herbicides – Protest regards everything Monsanto

A monopoly of pollution is Monsanto, breeding sterility, shortened lifespan and obesity in humans and killing all nutrition in the soil and water that feeds the crops. A monopoly of seed pollution is Monsanto, concocting new ways to insert the genes of pesticides inside seeds and spray deadly chemicals on those same crops that the World Health Organization says could all be carcinogenic and cause cancer IN HUMANS. The massive global uprising is not just about seeds, but even some countries that ban the seeds and ban the import of GMO food still USE the pesticides and Roundup herbicide on their land and food crops, obviously unaware of the danger or unable to make changes in their government or regulatory agencies, most likely because Monsanto lobbyists and US politicians swing their sphere of influence internationally, especially where other countries need money and sell their people out for cancer food (like in Germany).

“People want to have the choice NOT to eat Monsanto products” says an RT reporter covering the march out of Berlin.

Click here to see the march in Berlin:

Over 400 Cities Worldwide Protest Monsanto amidst total NEWS BLACKOUT in America on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX!

The Health Ranger, Mike Adams, spoke out on Natural News about why the mainstream media cannot and did not break “radio silence” about the worldwide event:

“As expected, virtually the entire “sellout” mainstream media refused to cover the event, pretending that the citizens of the world aren’t rising up against an enormous corporate evil that threatens the future of our planet. The Associated Press ran a story mentioning local protests in Hawaii but refused to print the words “March Against Monsanto” or to even mention that these protests were taking place in over 400 cities across the globe. Nearly the entire western media has been infiltrated and corrupted by Monsanto, including the once-respected magazine National Geographic which now functions as the propaganda arm for the life-destroying biotech industry.”

Word from the White House must have come down the pipe, to all producers of television that no reports whatsoever shall emerge about this massive controversy being revealed on the air, especially not live coverage, where you can hear and feel the energy of the people, who marched in over 400 cities around the globe and showed very creative visuals for the world to see how adamant they are about not eating poison. People had masks that look like Frankencorn and huge signs. There were drummers who made a series of orange barrels to drum on that looked like toxic pesticide drums as they marched and played in unison. The parades fill the streets and blocked off major intersections and business fronts, but NO TV coverage! No other parade like it takes place every year now around the world for the same purpose, but this, and NO TV coverage. Dozens of countries participated in sending out the exact same message about the dangers of GMO, yet no TV coverage. Do you think there’s something wrong with the seeds now? Why wouldn’t you. This is the biggest government and big corporation cover up and conspiracy – – to make food toxic – – and the message that the television is sending out to the world is not to pay attention to their own health. The newspapers are just as bad as television too. NO mass media attention whatsoever could send out this message or dare speak the words “March Against Monsanto” or those who did would be fired and memory holed immediately. No media could dare go against this toxic status quo. The devil is GMO. Cancer food is GMO. Roundup crops are GMO. Is your own garden GMO? Do you know? If you missed this worldwide event, you may have to watch it now, and then go into your garden, your shed and your refrigerator and remove everything toxic. Start over. It’s time to investigate the truth that the WORLD is screaming out in over 400 cities around the world in all the major countries and on every inhabited continent! – Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, Africa, Asia, everywhere.

Weed killer Glyphosate (Roundup) one of World’s Biggest Concerns about Cancer

GMO rats die

Killing your good gut bacteria (flora) is also linked to autism. Hillary Clinton is being heavily endorsed by Monsanto, so you can expect, if she wins presidency (tyranny leader position) she will help spread cancer and autism in America and worldwide with the TPP. This is a most insidious plan they have, and they must be stopped! Do not ever buy anything GMO if you can help it, or anything “RoundUp ready.” Beware of wheat because they are working on that now – GM wheat. The Health Ranger calls Hillary the Bride of Frankenstein – and for good reason … she has roots with Monsanto (pardon the pun):

“”Bride of Frankenfood,” Hillary Clinton is a pro-Monsanto operative who hired a top Monsanto lobbyist to help run her campaign. She also represented Monsanto as a lawyer with her now-infamous Rose Law Firm in Arkansas. Clinton is so pro-Monsanto and pro-GMO that she even spoke on behalf of the Biotechnology Industry Organization.”

W.H.O. warns the WORLD about risks of consuming RoundUp

The World Health Organization has warned the world about the risk of consuming glyphosate, and so has Dr. Oz and other doctors, scientists and researchers around the globe. Even the show “The Doctors” covered the topic and warned the world. It’s time everyone who still has a brain and a gut to take heed and stop buying GM and pesticide-laced food, seeds and herbicides. The only way to really stop Monsanto is to boycott everything they manufacture and sell. That is the key. Also, buy plenty of organic seeds and store them, along with organic soil. You can make a difference, even if you missed the parades and protests that took place in all the major countries of the world who know that GMO means off to an early grave you go. Pay attention everyone. Millions of people DO KNOW the TRUTH about GMO.

Coverage of the Worldwide Event on Natural News:

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the WHOLE REASON the vaccine industry doesn’t want anyone knowing vaccines screw up the gastrointestinal tract

girl vax

Ignite the Truth: Video of Dr. Wakefield explaining the WHOLE REASON the vaccine industry doesn’t want anyone knowing vaccines screw up the gastrointestinal tract

Ignite the Truth! Click here to watch this brilliant one hour video for free:

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USA globalists to thwart their own fake ISIS attack on American soil (satire)


In a bold move that will certainly excite politicians, America will almost drop a nuclear bomb on its own soil, catching it with a huge net at the last second, while explaining that the FBI, the federal bureau of intimidation, has thwarted the terrorist plan to end life on earth. Immediately following the big “catch,” Americans will be forced to buy terrorist insurance, a rider that costs $500.00 per month that attaches to their homeowner’s insurance, car insurance, renters insurance, health insurance, and any other insurance policy already in place. Some GOP insiders say this nuclear bomb net is not full proof, and hasn’t been tested properly, and they’re suggesting a different staged attack to thwart, like a fake nuclear plant meltdown or a strange strand of ebola that has no symptoms but for which all Americans MUST be force-inoculated with a swine/bird flu/ebola flu combo vaccine made by Merck.

hack story (2)

Democratic leaders are balking at the Republican suggestions, saying the almost nuclear incident is a better idea and will generate more revenue from moronic Americans, who buy anything that quells their greatest fears. Now key Demoncrats and their constituents are talking in the “Green Room” (the situation room) about plan “B” which is to follow through on the Agent Orange Soda program for public schools that have large numbers of kids whose parents are on Government aid programs, like food stamps, unemployment or welfare. This will quickly help cure the population problem in America by “cancer-ing” off the lower echelon of peons and paupers who are a “drain” on society, food, resources, fuel and basic utilities. Agent Orange soda, in case you were wondering, contains highly concentrated but flavorful amounts of 2,4-D, glyphosate, petroleum-based food coloring, aspartame and HFCS.



Part of the whole staged terror “event” will, of course, include a massive bank run and stock market crash. This will be bigger than anything ever witnessed by anyone in the world. The banksters and globalist gangsters that help propel the “Obamanation” into office want to be paid back with power, money and total control. This bank run and market crash, they’re saying, is fail-proof for the 1% of the 1% who will be hiding out on remote islands or at Camp David when the SHTF. Wall Street is playing all their cards correctly in preparation for the FAKE ISIS attack and selling put options low for all their buddies. This is gaining them wide exposure on stocks they’re “bullish” on with the added benefit of owning the stock later at a price below current market. It’s all smoke and mirrors and a huge P&D – – “Pump and dump” ponzi-style rigged scheme with misleading positive statements (chum) all over the internet for potential investors to “bite.” Once it’s all grossly overvalued by American idiotic investors, the bottom will drop out and all investors who aren’t privy to all the years of previous fraud in the markets will lose every cent they ever had. It’s just recycled microcap stock fraud with chop stocks, except this will be the greatest ponzi scheme Wall Street ever ran. Cash is about to become illegal for middle class and lower class Americans if the bill that already passed the Senate survives the House. Obama and Hillary vow not to veto and Rand Paul is supposed to be under house arrest during the crisis so he can’t tie up time on the Senate floor protesting the ultimate ISIS PONZI SCHEME EVENT.

If you weren’t sure, ISIS is sissy spelled backwards, since 9/11 scared America so bad that they donated their Constitution to the government tyranny that vowed to protect them from the perpetrators of building seven, who set up the demolition and timed it perfectly with the private planes that were flown into the other two skyscrapers. All SISI yellow-spined Americans are being told they can save money on their swine/bird flu/ebola vaccine schedule of 12 vaccines if they take all 12 at once at their nearest pharmacy before the staged attack occurs. The inoculation is also promised by the CDC to make humans immune to nuclear radiation and it quells the fear of having terrorists all around you all the time, which is also ironically called SISI-syndrome or if you spell out the acronym ISIS you get IDIOPATHIC SYNDROME of INESCAPABLE STUPIDITY.

Wolfe Blitzkrieg and Anderson Stupor are reporting incessantly about the Jade Helm rescue mission, which will include supplies being delivered to all the closed Walmarts where FEMA will administer the well-panicked public with the swine/bird flu/ebola jabs. Each middle and lower class American, with or without a green card, will get free Dunkin Donuts and a cup of Maxwell House coffee compliments of the Bush Administration, which created the Patriot Act in the first place, that brought all of this to “fruition.”

Obama, in the name of carrying on the Bush legacy of fake wars and playing on the emotions of terror-frenzied Americans, has promised to make organic food illegal so that there will be more water for the GMO corn and soy, which will be the only food available during the war on ISIS and SISI. All funds raised by the fifty year fake war on cancer and the fake war on drugs will be used to keep the politicians safe from any rogue conspiracy theorists who think politicians plan evil crap to make money.

This has been a public service announcement in hopes of helping people laugh their way through the absurdity of Hillary (Monsanto) and Jeb (Dick Cheney) being the two worst choices for the oval office in the history of the USA. Remember, don’t vote for ISIS or SISI in the next election, don’t let your children drink AGENT ORANGE SODA and for all intents and purposes, don’t drink tap water and you may just make it through whatever staged event they’re planning for the zombie apocalypse.

Tune into Natural Health News and follow the Natural News Tracker for continuing coverage.

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Johnson & Johnson required to pay family $50 million for child victim of Motrin overdose!

od motrin

According to Natural News, the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court upheld a lower court’s judgment that pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson should be required to pay $50 million to a girl who suffered a rare but devastating side effect from Children’s Motrin when she was seven years old. The judgment took more than a decade to be reached.

Samantha Reckis experienced toxic epidermal necrolysis (TEN), which burned off 90 percent of her skin, destroyed 80 percent of her lung capacity and left her blind. Only luck and the efforts of her doctors prevented her from dying or suffering permanent brain damage.

Johnson & Johnson will also be required to pay $6.5 million to each of Reckis’ parents. On top of that, the company will owe interest on all three payments, bringing the total owed to more than $109 million.

TEN is a severe form of Stevens-Johnson syndrome, which occurs most commonly as a side effect of drugs including nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs, which includes ibuprofen/Motrin), penicillin, anticonvulsants and anti-gout drugs.

Reckis’s case was triggered in 2003, when her father gave her two doses of Children’s Motrin for a fever and sinus congestion. The next morning, her symptoms were no better, and she had also developed a rash and a sore throat. Her father gave her more Motrin and took her to a pediatrician, who told her parents to give her the SAME DRUG three times per day.

The next day, Reckis’s skin broke out in blisters and her lips began to bleed. She was taken to the hospital, diagnosed with TEN, and placed into a medically induced coma for a month.

Over the course of six months, Reckis’s skin sloughed off and she suffered liver failure, heart failure, a stroke and an aneurysm. Even after 12 eye surgeries, she is still legally blind. She weighs only 82 pounds and has been declared unable to give birth to children. Her lung capacity is still only 20 percent.

For more information, log onto:

Pain medications and drug reactions are two major culprits of bad health conditions, which can also turn out to be fatal at some point in time. The adverse effects of such medications are not unknown but still, according to Natural News, people are inclining more and more towards such medicines. These can give rise to some heath conditions like stroke, heart attack and even cancer. But still, just to get relief from excruciating pain, people end up taking the help of these medicines. Even when suggested by doctors, people are seemingly “sweeping under the rug” all the dreadful consequences these can lead to.

To see some fascinating and interesting clips regarding the truth about toxic epidermal necrolysis, one can easily log onto:

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