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HEMP IN THE NEWS: Why hemp is illegal to grow in most of the United States – it would undermine too many corporate industry monopolies

Hemp prohibition actually has NOTHING to do with drugs. Industrial hemp has no value for drug use. There is a DNA distinction between hemp and marijuana. To the untrained eye, hemp resembles marijuana; however, the distinction can be made through … Continue reading

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Fake “Public Health” Interest Group Exposed! – – American Council on Science & Health nothing more than propaganda for the Chemical Industrial Complex

Have you heard of ACSH, the American Council on Science and Health? They’re proudly selling you your own demise while promoting it as healthy! Aren’t you excited. In this case, demise means health destruction, fast or slow, doesn’t matter. Do … Continue reading

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Walmart sells nearly everything GMO and processed, manufactured by corporate America

Coincidence? I think not. Of the five US states that closed Walmart stores for six months (with just a few hours notice to employees), four of them happen to be “hostile” states where the military will begin casual undercover drills … Continue reading

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New CIGARETTE and E-Cig study compilation: Recent research on cigarettes ends up revealing the best way to end the habit scientifically!

A couple years ago, Mike Adams, Editor-in-Chief of Natural News.com, the most-visited health news website in the world, created his own lab and began doing the job the FDA is supposed to do, examine food for chemicals that cause cancer and other … Continue reading

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Chinese Times Publishing company moves forward with translation of “Don’t Eat Cancer” book

Press Release; March 24, 2014: http://www.koehlerbooks.com/chinese-times-publishing-company-moves-forward-with-translation-of-dont-eat-cancer-book/ “This is a mind-blowing book that will change the way you eat.” – – Mike Adams, Editor of Natural News.com, Food Research Director and Founder of the Forensic Food Lab. Attention Health Enthusiasts: Just … Continue reading

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If vaccines are so safe then why has the government set up a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

According to Natural News, if vaccines are perfectly safe as we’re all told then why did Congress create a Vaccine Injury Compensation Program which has paid out nearly $3 billion in financial compensation to families of children who were provably … Continue reading

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Putting it all together from the year 1915 to 2015 – Tobacco, Vaccines and GMO Fraud! – A compilation of landmark research

Informed Vaccine Skeptics now have PROOF of vaccine dangers from top insiders and credited science geniuses. Natural News Tracker is Tracking Natural Health News this morning and Mike Adams reports this: ” A hard-hitting new video reveals how America’s corporate … Continue reading

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