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Why Donald Trump JUST MIGHT become the next President of U.S.A

  According to Natural News, Americans right now see Donald Trump in exactly the same way – – he’s the village hero they’re arming with a sword while shoving him forward to face the oncoming dragon. Trump, you see, has … Continue reading

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Tricky calcium article correct on some counts, but then pushes dairy, tells you watch out for too much Vitamin D, and never mentions silica

Some articles are lousy, some are good, and others sound good but are misleading. How can you know the difference? Here are two articles to compare, the first one being the one in question, and the second is an older article … Continue reading

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You resolved to stop smoking cigarettes for 2015 – Now stick to your guns! – Natural News Exclusive

Enter nutrition. Exit cigarettes. People think that it’s too complicated to eat healthy, but the reward is phenomenal. You see these people at the gym, going to yoga camps or running down your neighborhood block, religiously, staying in shape. They … Continue reading

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Can the CDC in Connecticut grab any “Ebola” suspects and force-vaccinate them in quarantine with their patented version of Ebola?

What the heck is going on in our country that Big Government and its regulatory agencies keep usurping control over local authorities in US states? Do the sheriffs or the people have any say anymore? What happened to the Constitution … Continue reading

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Under-estimating cancer – an American phenomenon of detrimental proportions

People in general are UNDER-ESTIMATING the power of processed, chemical-laden foods, chemical-laden drinks and chemical-laden personal care products to mutate their cells and give them cancer, early in life too. Cancer survives ONLY in an acidic environment, meaning inside your … Continue reading

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GMO is losing the War against Organic!

Demand for genetically modified organisms (GMOs), or synthetically derived “food” owned by multinational corporations, is on the decline, suggests a new report by NPR. And many U.S. farmers are now voluntarily switching to non-GMO and organic crops to meet this … Continue reading

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Activities of top U.S. officials remain a mystery, yet FOIA can reveal everything

The U.S. government is a conglomeration of highly mysterious people always involved in highly mysterious activities, most of which are anti people in nature. Natural News reports that top U.S. officials now use secret email accounts to hide their business … Continue reading

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